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FAQs & Casino Strategy

Playing at online casinos is an experience that can be as entertaining as it is lucrative, if you can afford it. And it's not just a game budget, because building up a lot of money to play for a long time isn't the best thing to do. In the long run, it's always the house that has the advantage. Our real chances of winning? Although the universe of casino games either primarily based on chance, there are a number of rules, strategies, tips and procedures that can significantly improve your chances of winning at online gambling establishments.

If defying the laws of chance is based on the best casino strategy, it is also necessary that lady luck is there. Whether you are starting out in the industry or are already a regular player, the team offers you here a summary of the best practices of Canadian-speaking players to optimize your chances of winning and get the most out of each of your sessions. game.

The art of choosing well

Whether you are an avid gambler or prefer to play at the casino, the crucial first step is to choose the establishment. Faced with the multitude of operators and the ever-growing number of new sites that are emerging, it is not easy to make a choice. And even less to do the right thing.

What are the Unrecommended Casino Sites ?

So of course, there are online casino comparator sites that regularly test the sense of service of online gaming establishments. But the expectations of Canadian players around the world are different: reputation and reliability, availability of games (limited in certain Canadian-speaking areas), accessible means of payment, speed of withdrawals, assistance in Canadian ...

To put things in perspective and avoid the many pitfalls inherent in this sector, it is therefore important to adopt a well-established analysis and comparison approach.

The team carries out real-life tests, carried out by Canadian-speaking players from all regions. With us, you will therefore find a suitable ranking since our top lists are updated based on feedback from Canadian-speaking players. The opinions and feedback from real players are also taken into account in order to provide you with verified casino reviews.

Before playing your money, we invite you to consult the results of our test sessions and withdrawal, our slot machine games reviews and discover the latest winning strategies, tips and tricks from players (including streamers on Twitch). To write them, we take into account the following parameters:


On the Canadian-speaking iGaming scene, all cats are gray. All the more reason to ensure that the online casino does indeed have a license issued by a regulatory authority recognized in the iGaming industry..

As for the range of games on offer, it is not just a question of marveling at the sight of an etoffee game library. It is also necessary that game developers have a good reputation and that the repayment of their titles is interesting. The rate of return to the average player will always depend on it, so the quality of titles is the essence of an online casino. By reading our reviews, you will know, in detail, which games are available on each platform reviewed..

Return Rate = Chance Rate ?

By reading these comprehensive reviews, you will be able to more easily distinguish between the sometimes very dense commercial offers of online casinos and choose the one that suits you best for an optimal gaming experience..

Sense of service

You play your money online, but how do you put money into your player account pay and get paid? ?

Sources of major complication for some Canadian-speaking players who no longer have access to the best electronic wallets (Neteller, etc), accessible means of payment today represent a key selection criterion.

The best online casino will therefore have to offer payment methods that are suitable for YOU. Is it possible to deposit / withdraw money with this or other payment method? Does the casino only accept deposits in bitcoin, or is bitcoin withdrawal also allowed ?

Speaking of payments, the withdrawal processing time (in other words, the time to cash in a gain) should not exceed 48 hours. To this is then added the processing time of your bank, so at least 48 hours more. It is therefore essential that online casinos pay their winners promptly. In return for which they are good payers !

Finally, the quality of the exchanges between the players in customer service and the players reflects the soul of the online casino. The more the operator shows professionalism, the more quickly he will come back to you, in Canadian with effective solutions. Because an online casino is also a team and a company, you must know who to contact, as well as how to contact you in case of a problem..

Withdrawal of winnings at the online casino

Casino Reviews Verified Player Reviews with Test Withdrawals Consult Our Reviews

Terms of Use of Bonuses

As we already mentioned above, promotional casino offers, in other words bonuses, are pivotal elements and even THE big advantage of playing online. Their objective being to attract as many players as possible, their wording is generally very commercial. Behind an apparently very attractive offer often hides many conditions, limits and restrictions..

In our bonus comparisons, we scrutinize the promotional offers of each casino in order to provide you with all the details concerning what they really entitle you to, but also, the obligations related to each one, such as:

  • the conditions of use: on which games can you use your bonus? How long is it valid for? How to validate it ?
  • the wagering : also called wagering conditions, the wagering imposed by the casino is a determining parameter in the identification of a really advantageous casino bonus;
  • wagering limits: what is the max bet authorized by the casino to meet wagering requirements? Is it reasonable ?
  • withdrawal limits: what is the maximum amount of winnings made with your bonus that you can withdraw after fulfilling the wagering requirements in other words wagering? And replay as many times to be able to cash in your winnings, is it really worth it ?

These are all elements that we cover in each of our casino bonus reviews so that you can assess and make an informed judgment on whether or not to claim online casino bonuses..

The best casinos with no wagering requirements

Game Rules and Strategies

While it is essential to make the right choices up front, the success of a casino strategy also depends in large part on the playing strategies applied. Because, as we said above, in online casinos, it's not all luck and luck. If you plan to win at the casino on a regular basis, you must indeed implement a certain number of techniques.

The first step is to choose the games you play. It is about mixing, as much as possible, pleasure and profitability. In other words, the best thing is to play the games you love, but also the ones that are most likely to win you. To do this, you must take into account various parameters, such as the RTP (Return To Player) of each game. Did you know, for example, that video poker games, such as Deuces Wild are the ones with the highest average RTPs overall, with RTPs exceeding 100% for many of them.

In the specific case of slot machines, other indicators such as volatility are also to be taken into account when choosing a profitable slot machine. You can get all this info and more by reading our slot machine reviews.

If you plan to play table games or other casino games instead, make sure you understand how they work, game rules, as well as the basic strategies which can give you a significant advantage over the casino. Whether you are a fan of roulette, blackjack, baccarat or even poker, at Casino Avis you will find detailed information on the origins, the basic rules, the different variants and everything you need to know about each game..

Test the Games in Demo Mode

Once you've chosen the right online casino, you can take the time to familiarize yourself and practice your favorite games with in free games mode which is offered at almost all online casinos. Take the opportunity to understand the rules of the game and to refine your casino strategy in order to put the odds in your favor before starting to play in real money mode.

Now that you have all the cards in hand to build your casino strategy, be sure to manage your online casino account and you can go. Take advantage of the many tips, tricks and player strategies available to you in this frequently asked questions.