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No Download Casinos No Download Casinos

If we have chosen an online casino that offers an instant version, that is to say that offers us the option of playing without having to download any software (no download casino), is that we already know the advantages and disadvantages of this type of gaming platform. We will therefore not dwell on the pros and cons of no-download casino. Rather, we will make sure that we have a good knowledge of their operation, one by their compatibility with our computer device, and the other by the technologies used allowing instant online play. Then, how do you find your way around all these online casinos offering playable games by the minute? There is so much choice that it can quickly become a headache!

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No download yes, but updated versions

Those with an outright phobia of downloading are generally knowledgeable about computers - the less you install, the better for the health of your device. Having said that, we should all know that even if we don't want to download software, there are still some technologies that are required in order for no-download play to work. And these inevitably have to be downloaded. There are three types of no-download online casinos:


The Java technology is one of the best known, is found everywhere and is downloadable from many sites. However, we prefer to play it safe and download Java from the official site. We will also take care to distinguish Java from JavaScript, the latter being a basic version, rather intended for the creators of blogs or web pages. Many online casinos use Java, for example NetEntertainment. These "java casinos" are compatible with many programs such as Linux and Mac.


The Flash system is of exceptional quality and that is why there are more and more Flash games at online casinos. RTG and Betsoft are among the members. If you are won over by this technology, you will first of all make sure that your browser and device are compatible with Flash, for example Flash cannot be downloaded from an Android via the Chrome browser.


If you play from your mobile, technology is usually the order of the day. The games will all be played with the HTML 5 version in the very near future, this is already the case for the pioneer Microgaming.

If you already have any of these technologies, you will be careful to update them before complaining of an internet provider error or accusing the online casino. If you haven't installed anything yet, be sure to check the compatibility with your pc and the technology required by the online casino. Then all you have to do is install the version. If you have not yet chosen your online casino, the next few paragraphs should guide you.

No software = less quality and functionality

How to choose a no-download casino?

Obviously, no-download play is on the cards and is becoming more and more fashionable. And who says high demand, says countless online casinos promising us instant play. To find your way around, we will first follow the recommendations we give you, which are the right ones. Also, we will inspect the quality of the games (soundtrack, clarity, speed). Be careful, however, that our requirements are not too high because the quality of games in a casino without software will never equal that of a casino running with software. Finally, we will check the reliability of the casino, its experience and its credibility with users. Read opinions and reviews, follow the right recommendations on

The quality of customer service is also important (clear and precise answers, availability). After that, it all depends on what you are looking for, your requirements and your situation. What is certain is that there is no time constraint, since you can play online at any time. Also, there is no travel to do since you are playing the casino on the internet, that is to say on your computer or mobile. For example, during a break from work, you will choose the fastest, clearest and most entertaining software-less casino first. In short, the best quality / price ratio. If you follow the advice given and rely on the recommended online casinos on the site, your choice will be the right one..

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