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The first steps of blackjack

The blackjack card game, which some also call ‘21’ is akin to chemin de fer. It appeared at the end of the 18th century and was mostly played in casinos in the capital of Canada. It was immediately popular and spread to casinos in the United States, who immediately saw the potential of this table game..

It was then that the ricans had the brilliant idea of ​​creating a blackjack hand that pays ten times the bet: a Black Jack and an Ace of Spades, hence the name ‘Valet Noir’, so black jack. Until the day when the mathematician Thorp still had a great idea (definitely, those ricans); that of counting cards, we were playing blackjack with a single deck of cards. We will tell you the color right away. In online casino blackjack, forget about this method which is simply impossible, and therefore useless..


Why is blackjack the favorite sport of 'gamblers'

Blackjack is considered a spirit sport because it is a game of strategy before it is a game of chance. Indeed, playing blackjack will require decision-making, choice of bets (possibility of small bets in blackjack online) and the particularity of being cunning. Those who are passionate about mental battles are fascinated by blackjack, which is a card game combining chance and strategy. But let's briefly discuss the blackjack rules before moving on to strategies. They are relatively simple, you just need to know the value of the cards: the numbered cards have the value they indicate and the figures are worth 10. As for theAce, it is worth 1 point or 11 points, a choice.

The goal is to reach 21 points without exceeding this threshold. Then there is a whole series of situations in online blackjack games, but we reserve this chapter for the blackjack rules page..

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The advantages of playing blackjack online

Mainly, it is the free access to the game of blackjack that the internet makes possible. A sudden urge to play blackjack will be immediately satisfied if one searches the web. Many gambling sites offer free blackjack games and without the need for prior registration. Do not expect these parts to be of good quality either (limited playing time, game screen devoid of pleasant sounds and graphics, etc.). There is also the range of different sets of virtual blackjack Variants like american blackjack where the european blackjack, but also several kinds of games which will offer different blackjack odds. Or the fact of play three games or more at a time, what is called the multi-hand blackjack. We also dig deeper into this topic in our article on blackjack variants..

Online Blackjack Vocabulary

The terms and expressions used during a game of blackjack are specific. In order to know what they mean (and especially to avoid making the wrong decisions), a little vocabulary work is required. Below are some English-Canadian translations of words specific to the virtual blackjack game.

  • Blackjack: When there is blackjack, it is when the player or the croupier makes 21 points
  • Buster (break): Hearing or reading 'Buster' means losing, this is when the dealer or player exceeds 21 in value
  • Dealer : Croupier, also called bank (bank)
  • Double: It is possible to double your stake, before drawing another card
  • Draw (draw): If you want another card, you press "draw" which means "draw" one more card
  • Insurance (insurance): The insurance protects our halving in the event that the dealer makes a blackjack. This protection pays off but prevents us from losing too much money
  • Push (tie): Hearing or reading a "push" means that the player and the dealer have the same result. The stakes are collected by everyone; nobody wins or loses
  • Split (separate): It is possible to 'split' your two cards when they are of equal value, so you have to bet on two different games
  • Stand (stay): When you no longer wish to receive a card
  • Token : Token, worth a stake in euro.


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