European Blackjack

European Blackjack Online European Blackjack Online

The original and generous European variant of Blackjack

European blackjack games skillfully balance player advantages with limited playing action. We help you to have an opinion on the best game of this type. The goal of the game for win at blackjack is the same regardless of the version.

But are you sure you have chosen the most advantageous variant? At european blackjack, normally there is no face down card, the rules and actions of the player AND the dealer will vary. What will be your version european blackjack favorite?

The European version of Blackjack and its subcategories

You might as well warn you immediately, each online casino has its own type of blackjack. Some sites will offer several variants, others even types of variants while some casinos will only offer a single game of blackjack. Online blackjack card counting will not help. As for the packs of cards inserted in the game, even if their quantity is indicated, are shuffled very often. We still have the strategy table, however this will also change depending on the European blackjack subcategory. We share the most played European blackjack games on the net:

Double Exposure Blackjack

Also known as Face Up 21, for the strongest in English it is of a European blackjack game which respects the European rules to the letter: the dealer's cards visible and his turn to play will come last. So far, the advantage is on the player except that we see some significant rule and action changes. Obviously, depending on the game these vary. Therefore we cannot list them all but here are the most common:

  • The dealer doesn't have to stay on a 17 and wins all ties
  • The player wins only one tie: blackjack and can double more often

Spanish Blackjack

Spanish Blackjack is more and more popular because the freedom of action is great: shoot, double, splitter Aces. And even sometimes to abandon the game (which is not common online). The bonus in Spanish blackjack is what you can collect. Winning combinations 6, 7, 8 and 7, 7, 7 as well as betting on colors or pikes. But you would expect, there is a big downside to the spanish version of european blackjack: no more 10. Effectively, all 10 are removed from the game, unless you find a spanish blackjack online casino with 10.

Online and offline European Blackjack games

Online casino and online blackjack bonuses are major assets for players. However, there are European blackjack games that are as popular in hard as they are virtually. We give you the names of these games below and their brief description.

  • VIP European Blackjack

This is the game of blackjack that targets big bettors. That’s why he’s called VIP. Big bets are allowed in VIP blackjack, but there are generally minimum bets that must be observed. Also, the gaming actions are more or less limited, depending on the vip blackjack game of the online casino in question..

  • Le European Multi-Hand Blackjack

They are also called Blackjack Switch. Most online European blackjack games are multi-hand (multi-hand european blackjack, again for the strongest in English). This slightly reduces the obvious disadvantage of the gambling house. You have a higher chance of losing a bet if you play 3 games at a time (like winning them though). Either way, practice the free multi-hand blackjack games to help you. Then, don't always choose to bet on all the hands offered. Multi-hand remains an option, not a condition.

  • European Blackjack in Paris 

It happens that you meet a blackjack game at special bets. Indeed, the Blackjack Gold is a bet that we are not going ‘Buster’. The Royal Match Blackjack offers the player to to bet on the fact that cards of his first hand be same color. A bet that still pays 10 times the stake. The same goes for the Red / Black Blackjack or you bet on the suit of the dealer's very first card. Your 1: 1 winnings are transferred to the dealer if he rolls a 2 year first! Special blackjack bets are on the rise. The fact that these are playable in demo version is a good thing.

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