Cake Valley Slot

cake valley slot cake valley slot

Gluttony made Habanero. Despite his young age, his titles are bestsellers (Fire rooster), and delight fans of online slots. For the fall, the young publisher Habanero is concocting some sweet gains on the Cake Valley slot machine.

Cake Valley is a watered down 5 reel machine with 243 paylines. Between Free Spins foodies, mouthwatering wild symbols and no less than 3 bonus gummy features Jelly Selector, there is something to crack.

Game review Cake Valley slot machine

Cake Valley is inspired by the sweet delicacies that come fresh from pastries. The graphics are nice and colorful, although a little limited in terms of graphic precision.

All the symbols of the Cake Valley slot machine are inspired by mouth-watering desserts. Colorful cupcakes, frozen macaroons, chocolate-coated Italian ice cream, caramel panacottas, whipped cream, in short: the game screen borders on indigestion.

Fortunately, we manage to take a little break thanks to the pastry chef who comes to say hello from time to time and the background music gives rhythm to the sessions. A button Max Bet (maximum bet) is also available as well as automatic play.

Showing a low volatility If not average, you would expect a machine with a high payout rate. Bets start at 0.25$ cents a part and there is three game modes your choice on the cookie (Jelly Selector) at the top right of the screen. These game modes each have a different bonus feature..

Although most of the time it is small wins that fall out of this machine, once the bonus features Cake Valley fall they are paying in addition to being fun and original. In other words, a Habanero specialty not to be missed, just like Koi gate or Fire rooster available on the casino Magical Spin.

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Bonus Cake Valley

The jelly breeder is the flagship bonus feature of the Cake Valley slot machine. 3 jellies of different colors; 3 bonus functions. Once your jelly category has been selected, 'jellies' are placed behind symbols and earn free games and multipliers of earnings.

  • By choosing the mode Red Jelly, 4 red jellies are placed behind your symbols. If these same symbols form a combination, you win 8 free spins reactivable and a 3x multiplier your earnings. Beware, the jellies change places in each game and can move around all the senses.
  • With the mode Yellow jelly, there is only 3 yellow jellies so it is easier to form a combination. On the other hand, the jellies yellows only move ’horizontally and only on 3 first rollers. The reward here amounts to 12 free spins (non-reactivable this time) and multiplier x5.
  • As for the mode Green Jelly, only 2 jellies green will appear behind the reel symbols 2 and 4. They then move vertically on each spin and if your winning symbols fall on it, then you get 15 free spins (non-reactivable) and your earnings are multiplied by 8x.

Highest Paying Bonus Feature ?

Cake Valley is a game with 243 paylines, so from the moment you pick up 3 identical symbols (or two with a Wild), we win.

The bonus feature Green Jelly seems to be the easiest to activate because it only takes 2 secIdentical symbols covering the green jelly. But since the jellies only move left to right and vice versa, the famous free spins actually don't happen that easily. And then even if we may have fifteen free spins, these cannot be reactivated and do not bring in much.

On the other hand in mode Red Jelly, we are reaching new heights in terms of earnings. In addition, the red jellies move in all directions and the free games can be reactivated..

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