Football Champions Cup, the football star of NetEnt casinos

Football Champions Cup netent Football Champions Cup netent

The 2016 Champions Cup according to NetEnt


While waiting for the euro 2016, make your predictions and your winnings on the game of football Football Champions Cup


NetEnt is normally always one step ahead. This time around, he's the last one to create a soccer-themed slot machine. On the other hand, we do not remember ever having played on a slot as rewarding and entertaining as this one.

The supplier of casino games proves more than ever that gambling is a sport with its new slot machine Football Champions Cup

While Genesis and Microgaming did not really win us over with their two slots machines Euro Golden Cup and Shoot!, the video slot Football Champions Cup of NetEnt, it is already played everywhere and bonus and free spins related to it are arriving en masse on the best online casinos.

Game review

Now is the time or never for the Canadian team to score a real league goal, and to go to the final on its slot Football Champions Cup. A little detail that makes all the difference in this NetEnt casino game; you can select the European teams that will compete against each other. Why European? Because the slot machine Football Champions Cup was created just in time for the 2016 UEFA European Championship of course!

Fresh out online, It's about a slot machine very easy to 5 reels and 20 paylines. Moderately volatile, its redistribution rate approaches 97&

The minimum stake is 20c euro. As a bonus game - we will be entitled to an original penalty with shots on goal and in the background, billboards of the best NetEnt slots.

Why not, after all he is the sponsor.

Other than that, the graphics in this game are not as impressive as we expected. This is the problem with NetEnt - we always hope too much of it. But what can we expect from a soccer-themed slot machine? Well, at least the symbols do not look like vulgar drawings created from a basic program like Paint.

The important thing is not to win, but to participate? Hard to believe for such an award-winning and popular casino game provider as NetEnt.

Penalty shootout or Win tournaments?

We almost believed it. NetEnt wanted to convince us, for a moment, that getting as many floating soccer balls as possible on the game screen (in short, symbols wild  additional) would be chargeable. We expected a surprise feature, but nothing. That said, it is about wilds obtained during part of slot normal - not during a bonus game.

And precisely, there are two interesting features in the slot Football Champions Cup;

  • the bonus game which is played as a penalty, with a few random clicks
  • and the part of free spins

The Penalty Bonus Game is particularly entertaining, especially at the start. The adrenaline rush is everywhere, especially when the opposing team narrowly avoids winning the penalty. The catch is that the bonus game drops quite frequently and also lasts a while without actually paying off.. 20 times the stake, it's nice but it's not enough and the excitement subsides slightly thereby.

Let's bet on obtaining Free Spins from Football Champions Cup

Here we are, we won the tournament free spins. The free games are played on several levels, beloved and intelligent style that NetEnt does not hesitate to offer in most of its slots games.

Here is the feature that will allow you to see what the football team you choose at the start of the game is really worth:

  • 4 games
  • 6 free spins each

To get to play four games (so the maximum), you have to be able to score. And to score on the slot machine Football Champions Cup you have to be lucky enough to get the right type of symbols wild and win the game. As a result, our team will gradually come closer to the cup. Let's explain the game features in a little more detail in Football Champions Cup. The reading is worth it because the earning potential is huge if you get to the final, with all the same 500 times the stake, in addition to the gains obtained during 26 free spins.

The symbol Wild is represented by the soccer ball titled Wild. It replaces all symbols on the game screen except the symbol bonus.

There is also a Wild Overlay - who will make between 2 to 5 appearances during normal play sessions. This particular symbol is also represented by a soccer ball, but this time it comes alive and rotates on itself. Rather rare, it does not appear in large numbers either, but when you get a maximum of it it makes a big difference in terms of earnings.

Bonus game Click Me Shootout: 3 BONUS symbols or more which will appear whatever their position will trigger the penalty.

During this bonus game, just choose one of the four corners where the ball will land and click on it. In fact, this is a modernized version of turn-based play:

  • First, you will have to select the place where you plan to score. If the goalkeeper fails to catch the ball, you win cash.
  • Then it's the opponent's turn to shoot, and we absolutely have to prevent him from scoring, always choosing one of the 4 corners. If we get there, the win multiplier goes up a notch, otherwise we lose the game.

We have 5 games in all to make the most of the winnings and accumulate the multipliers, however if we tie the game the game continues until the best player wins..

The interesting thing, and what few players will realize if they don't read our game review to the end, is that more we obtain BONUS symbols that trigger the penalty session in Football Champions Cup and plus the multipliers of earnings increase.

These multipliers are far from disappointing ...

  • 5 BONUS symbols = between 5 times and 16 times the initial stake
  • 4 BONUS symbols = between 3 times and 14 times the initial stake
  • 3 BONUS symbols = between 1 time and 12 times the initial stake

The Free Spins Tournament : 3 Scatters on reels 2, 3 and 4 will unlock the free spins part. As we said above, there are 4 games in all, with 6 free spins each.

To be able to have them all, you just have to win all the games.

And to win, you have to be lucky. A symbol wild red or blue will be randomly assigned to us - and we will mostly want red, because it will give us an extra goal. To finish a winner, you have to be the one with the most goals on the clock - and this - after each game of 6 free spins.

Football: Champions Cup - our opinion on the slot

Although we weren't convinced by the overly simple design of Football Champions Cup, we were won over by selecting the Canada team or seeing Wales beat Germany.

The features are reasonably fun, plus a tournament free spins incredible both in terms of its originality and in terms of earning potential. We will regret that it falls into our hands a little too rarely.

What is certain is that the gains are there and that football fans will be able to enjoy a fairly good slot football-themed casino.

Will play Football Champions Cup is possible in freeslot or in real money at online casinos Wild sultan or Vegas Casino and also on mobile casinos Lucky 31 and Extra Casino.

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