Fruit Spin slot

fruit spin slot fruit spin slot

Great return of cherries and bunches of blue grapes… With this time 98.4 % payout, frequent free spins and stacked symbols! The Fruit Spin slot is a summer hit of 2017 and although its theme is nothing new, the max payout is 600x the bet.

The slot machine with fruits is definitely a great timeless one. Appeared for the first time in 1910, she became the first one-armed bandit who won chewing gum. The ace of spades will not remain a fruity chewing gum scent for long, but the fruit symbols have stuck. After Twin Spin and Fruit Shop, NetEnt once again honors tradition.

Theme-Saving Gameplay

Although the theme has already been used excessively, the feeling of déjà vu goes pretty well thanks to the gameplay packed with paid features.

One of them pays off in particular, since it fills the rolls with stacked symbols (stacked). Therefore, we know straight away that we are not going to make junk gains.

As fans of NetEnt, we know full well that the game publisher loves to invent new Fruit Slots, but who says simplicity does not mean small gains. So certainly, the Fruit Spin slot is a game of low volatility but she has heavy hand in bonus features.

Fruit Spin ™ is a 5 reel 4 row slot machine with 40 paylines. Its bonus features; stacked symbols (in other words Stacked), giant symbols that make 3 × 3 squares, a bonus game Lucky wheels and the famous Free Spins.

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Bonus Fruit Spin slot

All the symbols in this Fruit Spin slot machine are Stacked Symbols. Indeed, they appear frequently one after the other, except for Wild and Scatter which take 6 squares in length and width.

Small flat with these famous Fruit Spin bonus symbols: you have to between 25 and 50 parts to pick up a symbol Wild (therefore substitution). Fortunately, it is the same to manage to win the part of the free spins. Indeed, we get 3 Scatters just as frequently as a wild symbol !

And precisely, this has a relation.

During free spins, the symbol Wild will appear in a block of 3 out of 3 boxes. In other words, it is a Giant wild from which we will benefit. A bit like in the Secret of Atlantis slot machine, except that here it pays.

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Free Spins Fruit Spin slot

The symbol Scatter (which is a giant symbol in this game) is represented by the ruby.

Since it takes 3 squares vertically and horizontally, it counts as 3 Scatters. This is when you get a spin on Lucky wheels to see how many free spins you will play.

There are 3 wheels in all, which contain cash winnings snapshots as well as precious stones that contain free spins. If seen pick up 3 gems, you obtain 5 free spins. If you get more, you can play up to 8 free games.

The highlight of the free spins games is the Wild symbol which will appear as a giant symbol (3 × 3 squares). The highest paying symbols in the game are also a bit more prominent during the free spins, and they too can span multiple spaces..

Accumulation of Earnings

As with all online slot machine games, you have to wait for the game to play. free spins to make significant gains. Gains from free spins are generally 30x and 150x the stake, and even if we do not reach large amounts we know that the free spins will soon be reactivated.

Having said that, the Fruit Spin slot is not a game you win big every time. It will therefore be necessary to budget according to this when the sessions are long relaxing. By cons once the machine is hot, we remain stuck by the amount of gains.

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