Golden Ticket slot Play N Go

golden ticket slot golden ticket slot

]Since we have been wise, Playn ’Go takes us to the circus. And we go with a good heart since the game publisher was the star of Gaming Awards this year. More fairground than contemporary, the Golden Ticket slot Play N Go brings back the best tightrope walking and animal training acts.

Although it looks more like an arcade game, this circus themed video slot is one of the most complete in terms of bonus features, multipliers and sadder than happy clowns..

Why play Golden Ticket Play N Go slot

Okay, we're a lot less excited to meet the clown than to see the multipliers drop. However, it must be admitted that even if it has a little dated side, the new style and the profitability of the Golden Ticket Play N Go slot please.

However, it cannot be said that this is a unique slot machine. Indeed, we find many similarities with the very popular slot Energoonz, also a Playn ’Go creation that appeared in 2013. Their themes have absolutely nothing in common, however. And the gaming sensations either, especially in the mobile version. Each symbol is unique but easy to recognize, and the part of free spins in the form of shooting range is nice.

Add a background worthy of the funfair of yesteryear, and you'll be nostalgic for the mustached acrobats in leopard leotards who once performed under a marquee surrounded by bales of hay.

The strange playability of Golden Ticket

The least we can say about this game Playn ’Go, rather he has heavy hand in terms of earnings. However, we made good sums (between 60 and 70 times the stake) and at the level of the winning combinations, nothing very particular: they are read vertically or diagonally and pay from 3 adjacent symbols.

It’s the moment you land a combination that things will change. The symbols of the combination disappear to make way for the symbol Wild (entitled Golden Ticket), allowing a series of cascading rolls with the addition of a multiplier (poster on the left) which will increase as combinations.

Either way, you will just get your stake back by making two wins. You will need to be able to land a 7x or 8x multiplier in order to get decent payouts, although if this is the case you will probably activate the game. free spins.

While this all sounds interesting, it’s the bonus round trigger multipliers that will pay off. This is because the bonus part of the free spins has a lower earning potential..

Budget advice: If you have reached 25% of your bankroll your best bet is to move on to another game. The good news is that the Golden Ticket Slot Play N Go was built to last, so you should be able to build up your player account balance for quite a while. If you'd rather take less risk while staying in the Playn 'Go registry, go for Pearl Lagoon whose payout is even better.

The Golden Ticket Bonus

The revolutionary functionality of Cascading rolls is there but it varies a bit from what we know.

For those who do not know this bonus function at all, it is triggered at the time of a combination: the winning symbols disappear and are replaced by those above, that fall (hence the name 'waterfall'). This allows a chance to land new winning combinations. In the Golden Ticket Play N Go slot, the symbol Wild Game (in other words the symbol Golden Ticket) also falls, and thus increases our chances of making another gain. This is an important luck factor since with each win, the multiplier increases.

  • More on the symbol Wild Game

The symbol wild of the Golden Ticket only appears when you pick up a combination of three or more symbols.

  • More on the bonus part of free spins

If the disappearance of the symbols makes it possible to fully see the word ‘Bonus"Located in the background, the bonus game starts. It is made up of 10 free spins and pays quite a bit, but it is more difficult to get multipliers because unlike normal games, the wild will not appear with every combination.

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