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Great classic among the NetEnt slots (Dead or Alive, Koi Princess), the Gonzo's Quest Online Slot is one of those unbeatable titles that all developers copy. Its strengths: a fun theme, a profitable avalanche mode, a fairly simple handling and an excellent rtp / volatility ratio. No wonder the Gonzo's Quest slot is still one of our top favorites, despite the latest NetEnt 3D slots. !

It must be said that the adventure to which the Scandinavian publisher invites us has something to arouse the interest of all. This is about discovering the legendary El Dorado, the city of gold that all conquistadors dreamed of. And presumably, the one we follow in this game seems to almost touch her! But you still need to be able to lead the brave Gonzo to the end of his quest! The reward ? Fairly regular wins, increasing multipliers, a joker, as well as the unmissable free spins that boost the pot.

Gonzo's Quest Paid Slot Machine

Slot machines on the theme of adventure and discovery related to ancient civilizations are quite often successful and come with a little edge. The idea of ​​completing a centuries-old quest, with the possibility of winning strings along the way, is clearly very appealing..

In addition to this rather captivating graphic and sound universe, the reasons for the success of the Gonzo’s Quest Slot are also and above all in the profitability of this slot machine. On this slot machine, the publisher NetEnt indeed offers an RTP (player return rate) of 95.97%. Which is very close to the 96% mark and therefore ensures a certain regularity of the winning combinations.

So when, in addition, all of this is well put together, with superb graphics and 3D animations, we have every reason to stay hooked for a long time.

It is therefore easy to understand why, despite its age, the Gonzo’s Quest Slot remains so popular with players..

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Gonzo's Quest NetEnt Review

For several centuries, many Spanish conquistadors embarked on a frantic search for a mysterious city where would be hidden a treasure consisting of an inestimable quantity of gold: the Eldorado.

This mythical city would be buried in the depths of the South American forests, well hidden by the Inca peoples who lived there. In its Gonzo's Quest slot, NetEnt invites you to follow one of these intrepid conquistadors, the famous Gonzo, on his quest.

Left alone, the man who is dressed and equipped for the occasion, seems to have hit the jackpot. Deep in the jungle, the conquistador has indeed discovered an Inca temple which looms in the background of the structure of the slot machine..

Made up of building stones bearing the effigy of Inca deities, the latter acts as a secret gateway to the famous temple.

Throughout the games, different animations are triggered and allow you to see Gonzo collect gold coins that rain after big wins, or even venture into the temple during the free spins. The sound environment is also up to the theme, with captivating sound effects that are well in the "adventure" spirit of the game..

Game Experience on Gonzo's Quest in Canadian

For this exciting quest, NetEnt has chosen a 5 x 3 slot configuration in which the usual reels give way to independent symbols that appear and disappear after each avalanche. Because it is indeed avalanches of symbols that we are entitled to here, rather the traditional rotations.

You get a winning combination when at least three identical symbols appear on one of the game's 20 fixed paylines.

The winning symbols then explode to make room for other falling symbols. Thus, it is possible to chain several winning avalanches with a single bet. And when that happens, you can take advantage of win multipliers to collect as many gold coins as possible..

As for the symbols involved in these avalanches of gains, they are stones engraved with symbols representing Inca deities. In total, they are of 7 different types, each giving the right to a given level of payment in the event of a winning avalanche.

Gonzo's Quest Gameplay & Options

All players can try their luck at this slot machine, regardless of their budget. NetEnt has in fact opted for a wide range of bets starting from $ 0.2 per spin..

By adjusting the bet level and coin value per spin, it is then possible to bet $ 0.4 per game up to $ 50 per spin. There is therefore something for all budgets, and it is possible to vary your stake after each round as part of a game strategy..

Of course, an option Max Bet is designed to allow those who wish, to set the maximum stake allowed on a spin, i.e. $ 50.

The Autoplay feature is also available on Gonzo Quest. Here it allows up to 1000 laps to be set automatically. Advanced options also allow you to program the stop of the spins after a win, as soon as an amount of winnings or losses is reached, or as soon as a round of free spins is triggered. Once you have defined these various parameters, all you have to do is press the Autoplay button and fold your arms to let things happen..

Gonzo's Quest Bonus

On the Gonzo Quest slot, avalanche mode can be a real blessing for players.

Indeed, when the falling symbols create a winning combination, it automatically activates the winnings multiplier scale which is visible at the top right of the machine..

The symbols involved then disappear and the new ones that fall automatically thereafter can directly create another winning combination..

When it does, the earnings multiplier goes up one step. Thus, with a single spin, it is possible to chain winning combinations while multiplying your winnings by 2, 3 and even by 5 in the basic game..

In the game of free spins, the stages of the multiplier of gains are even more generous since they are themselves multiplied by 3. Thus, your chains of winning avalanches can quickly explode the pot, with gains hit by a multiplier up to 15x !

Gonzo's Quest Slot Free Spins

As we announced earlier in this review, the Gonzo’s Quest Slot has more than one trick up its sleeve. Thus, in addition to these chain multipliers which can trigger avalanches of winnings, the game offers the possibility of triggering particularly advantageous free spins rounds..

To do this, the game's Scatter symbol must appear three times. This is represented by a golden stone with the illustration of an Inca god with his tongue hanging out. Rest assured, it is quite clearly distinguishable from other symbols and you will therefore have no difficulty recognizing it

As soon as you get three hits after an avalanche, you can see Gonzo walk towards the door of the great Inca temple and enter it, finally! After this rather amusing cinematic, 10 free falls will automatically trigger, with the possibility, on each spin, of taking advantage of successive win multipliers. Things can therefore go very quickly and the rain of gold coins to be collected at the end of this bonus phase can be really significant..

This especially since the round of free falls can be extended if new Scatter symbols appear during this phase of the game.

The potential of this slot machine is therefore quite interesting and we now understand the maximum payout announced by the publisher: up to 2,500x the initial stake. Taking into account the authorized Max Bet, it is therefore possible to win up to $ 125,000 on a single spin. A nice jackpot therefore !

Chances of Winning on Gonzo's Quest

The avalanche mode is clearly the strong point of this slot machine. Here this bonus feature is combined with scalable win multipliers.

The presence of a Wild symbol which can replace other symbols in the game also goes in this direction.

Result: NetEnt really gives us the impression that we want to give ourselves every chance of winning and that is what really adds fun to the sessions..

Be careful not to get too excited about the bets. With an RTP that is only approaching 96%, we can guess a low to medium volatility but variable (which can cause periods of lows).

As for the gain multiplier, we will see that we will rarely benefit from it.

However, in terms of gaming experience, especially over time, it's hard to find better. The pace of the games is well calibrated and we are not really bored.

Top Profitable Slot Machine

All in all, the Gonzo's Quest Slot is a great introduction to the world of 3D slots. Ranked among the most entertaining of NetEnt slots, Gonzo has not aged for more than a decade.

A worthy representative of those games that put gamers' entertainment first, it is perfect for long gaming sessions..

It corresponds in particular to players on a modest budget. Many small wins make it possible to prolong the pleasure, and a large payment is always possible for the lucky ones..

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