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When the famous online gaming software Yggdrasil Gaming (Vikings Go Berzerk, Vikings Go to Hell) is releasing a new slot machine, we are still looking forward to testing it. So this is something original that we expected with the Hanzo’s Dojo slot, released in 2018.

Theme-wise, nothing breathtaking. But where Yggdrasil does very well is in the graphics and animations. There is, however, one important aspect of the game that seems a bit behind, and that is the profitability.

Fashion sessions Hanzo’s Dojo Free and Real Money

So of course, the bonus features offered on Yggdrasil games are often fun and paid. Yet the Hanzo’s Dojo reviews and winnings catches of Canadian-speaking players seem to be rarer than they should be..

Therefore, the best is still to test the slot for free on your favorite Yggdrasil casinos (absolute references are Croesus and Lucky8). An effective way to learn how to adjust bets and realize how often you win. As far as we are concerned, our Hanzo’s Dojo game opinion at RTP and volatility level: medium.

Just to give you the rate of return to the theoretical player of this game: 96%. You will understand this if you regularly read our games reviews, this is an average RTP.

More about the Game in Demo Mode

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Play Experience on Hanzo’s Dojo in Canadian

We find ourselves in the middle of meadows, majestic mountains and cherry blossoms that blow gently in the breeze. The game setup centers around Hanzo and his Dojo, where he trains warriors in the field of martial arts..

As you might imagine with the name of this Slot Machine, the Asian theme is covered once again. Nothing very original at this level.

So it’s to Asia that we are heading to spin the reels of the Hanzo’s Dojo slot. You are not taught anything by announcing that Asia is very big and very vague. So to narrow down the geographic area a bit, we can clearly state that the story of this slot machine takes place in Japan. We're sure of it because Japanese cherry trees are taking over the game right down to its video intro. !

Thanks to the high mobile compatibility of the online casino as well as the Yggdrasil game (designed in iSense 2.0+), you can play on the Hanzo’s Dojo mobile version in the greatest comfort and without having to download anything..

Introduction to Hanzo’s Dojo

This introduction, precisely, is quite breathtaking. Just a minute long, it features graphics worthy of the finest cinematographic achievements! In fact, very few slot machines can boast of having such a beautiful presentation..

Once in the game itself, a Japanese temple removes the last doubts about the country we are in. If there are still skeptics, the Japanese characters should convince them, as should the presence of a ninja, sumo or geisha.

The decorations around the slot are slightly animated, the flowers and the trees dance according to the wind and the whole is really very pleasing to the eye.

To the eye, but also to the ear, because Yggdrasil has paid particular attention to musical production.

Of course, it is not once again on this point that the originality is most present since we logically find an Asian sound. Some may not like it, but it has the merit of not being too repetitive or deafening.

Bet on the Hanzo’s Dojo slot machine

Often, players feel that the betting range is not wide enough to satisfy all of their cravings. Regarding the Hanzo’s Dojo slot, impossible to make this remark !

The minimum stake is even very impressive, being $ 0.004 cents. This is very little compared to what we generally see.

As for the maximum, it will allow those who like to take risks to give their all since it is 5 credits in a single throw..

Between the two, there is plenty to do and to meet all expectations: 0.01; 0.02; 0.03; 0.04; 0.05; 0.06; 0.07; 0.08; 0.09; 0.10; 0.16; 0.20; 0.30; 0.40; 0.50; 0.60; 0.70; 0.80; 0.90; 1; 1.50; 2; 2.50; 3; 3.50 and finally 4 credits.

Obviously, this amount is to be multiplied by the number of winning lines of the game. This number cannot be modified by the player, it is imposed and fixed at 25. Their operation is very classic: the symbols must be on the line. payment, starting from the first symbol on the left, to the right.

Configuration and Parameters

As for the size of the slot, it's a bit special. In itself, it is nothing very exceptional with its 5 reels and 3 symbols on each of them. However, there is something that should make you react if you already have the slot in front of you..

Above the machine, there are 3 additional symbols. These play a vital role in your progress and in your chances of winning. We will explain this role to you in detail in the next section, which concerns bonuses.

But before we get to that, first note that the game has an Autoplay. In Canadian, this is an option that allows you to chain the spins without having to intervene.

In the game options you can set this Autoplay and manage when it has to stop. This can be when you win or lose a certain amount, or when you unlock a bonus..

In these same options, you will have the option to speed up or slow down the speed of the rollers, depending on what you prefer. It is also from this tab that you can mute the music or the sound effects.

Hanzo’s Dojo Bonus Features

If there is one unmistakable characteristic of the Hanzo’s Dojo slot, it is that the game is full of bonus features. Conversely, you will see that the so-called "normal" symbols are not very numerous since there are only 8:

  • 4 of them are imaged by a colored circle in which a shape is drawn, in a particularly abstract way. These are clearly not the prettiest symbols, and neither are they the most interesting, financially speaking. !
  • The next 4 are not only much better done - at least that's our opinion - but above all they will allow you to collect a lot more credits. They take the form of four characters that we have already told you about: geisha, ninja, samurai and sumo. It is the latter which also takes the leading role since it is the most profitable symbol. This is why you see it on a regular basis, especially when an interesting gain falls into your pocket.
  • In addition to these 8 symbols, there is a very classic Wild, which can replace any symbol and which is very easy to recognize since it is marked "Wild" on it. When it appears in the additional locations just above the machine, it extends to the entire roll placed immediately below it.

Hanzo’s Dojo Free Spins Games

Next is the scatter symbol. You will have no trouble understanding its effect as it says " Free Spins +3 "When it appears on the machine. When it is displayed several times, it even becomes " Free Spins +4 ".

As with most slots, you will need at least 3 Scatter symbols to collect the free spins. The calculation is simple, you will always have at least 9 free spins to play !

Please note: you can also see the game master, Guardian Hanzo himself, land! He will also offer you a free spins part, more precisely that of the Hanzo Spins, that work slightly differently.

During the free spins, whether it is the Hanzo Spins game or the extra games obtained through the Scatter, a very interesting event occurs. The three reels in the center of the machine now form a single giant symbol, which is therefore nine times larger than normal !

  • In the case of Hanzo Spins, this giant symbol is chosen randomly before the throws and always remains the same..
  • With the free spins of the Scatter, however, this central giant symbol can change and reveal any classic icon, or even a giant Wild. !

But whatever the current bonus mode, an additional element, a bonus in the bonus, is still a game-changer in your favor. At any time during a free spin, you may see the Scatter symbol appear again, this time indicating "Free Spins +1".

Do not tell yourself that it is not generous by adding just one throw because its effect is much more powerful than that. It activates a booster.

Gain Boosters

Boosters are additional effects, which will allow you to receive much more gains during your free spins. Also note that if you unlock free spins with an additional Scatter, you start directly with a booster.

Are you dying to know what these famous boosters are? So here's what awaits you:

  • The Booster X2 could not be more obvious. It multiplies all your winnings by two until the end of your bonus session.
  • The Double Sense Booster no longer requires you to align symbols left to right. From right to left, it also works !
  • The Wild Booster on 5th reel allows, as you have probably guessed by now, to display only wild symbols on the last reel of the Hanzo’s Dojo slot.
  • Finally, the Central Booster allows you to replace the giant central symbol, in order to optimize your earnings and make them even larger. Since this giant symbol does not move during Hanzo Spins, this last booster is obviously not available in this mode..

And to top it off, understand that these boosters can stack and combine. Together they can be foolproof.

Thing & Tip to Win at Hanzo’s Dojo

We are always impressed to discover such feature rich machines. This is proof that it is possible to renew the genre, even when the theme has already been addressed several times.

To play this Hanzo’s Dojo slot for real or free money, we recommend that you go to Banzaislots. Since this online casino is themed around Asia as a whole, you won't be disappointed. Alternately, Lucky8 Casino is one of the best rated in 2022 by Canadian speaking players.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to discover that this site offers free spins to play on the Hanzo’s Dojo slot machine, precisely !

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