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Playboy Slots Playboy Slots

Created in 1953, dressed in 2016 and returned to nudity in 2017. The founder of the famous American glamor magazine Playboy is among those who had the courage to show the hypocrisy of America stuck in the 70s. Microgaming (Jurassic World, Halloween) was able to share it with us.

Given the enormous success of the adult magazine, the business empire that has been built around it is no surprise. By easily licensing the famous logo, Playboy has even branched out into casinos. Theheavyweight casino game publisher two games will be released in partnership with the brand; in 2014 the Playboy slot and Playboy gold early 2018.

Will the slot machine become as popular as the newspaper of the same name? Until we find out, let's compare the two Microgaming slots to find out which is the best game. Playboy slots.

  • Withdrawals From $ 10
  • 200 Free Spins upon registration
  • Casino Bitcoin

Best Playboy Slots Games

By schematizing very exaggeratedly, we can divide the software of slot machine games online into two different classes: visionaries and followers.

Visionaries are rewarded for their innovation and continue to create new bonus features, to be inspired by original themes or to improve their existing titles in order to give them a second youth (yes, Novomatic is the one for you. we think, with your 2 new versions of the game Book of Ra).

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And then there are the others, these game publishers who only draw inspiration from the work of visionaries. When they don't produce carbon copies of competing slots, they just change the game setup a bit or worse yet, rename the same bonus features..

The two online Playboy slots we delivered Microgaming leave no doubt about the category to which this editor belongs. casino games. In this comparison, they have one thing in common: the most universally known erotic magazine.

Still, the two aren't the best games Playboy Slots. In many ways, in fact, these games from the same family are so different that they could belong to two very different worlds..

Before comparing, let's first discuss the content.

Review Luxury Casino Microgaming

The Microgaming slot Playboy from 2014

Medium volatility, redistribution rate: 96.5%

The interface of this machine 5 rolls and 243 lines is clear, the bonuses are enticing and the symbols are sexy… but cartoonish. Indeed, the realization turns out to be a little too approximate and there is a certain lack of authenticity. In short, playing Playboy is similar to the gameplay of other best Microgaming slots, for example Immortal Romance.

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The animations, for example, are basic to say the least, or even completely non-existent in some cases. The so-called "charming" sequences do not vary that much from one pretty girl to another. Fortunately, the diversity of bonus features is at the rendezvous.

A bonus function Playboy by girl, Kimi brings you multipliers, Sofia des Wilds stacked, Ashley des cascading gains and Jillian des Expanded Wilds who do all the work.

The symbol Wild of the Playboy slot appears frequently and multiply your winnings at least by 2. He will be your best ally in this game since he will earn you up to 500x your stake - even if most of the time it brought us an average of 150x ours.

Microgaming has obviously produced a game mode free spins Interesting, but very demanding playboy slot (requires quite a bit of time before you can trigger all the levels).

So remember to budget well according to the stakes (from $ 0.30 per game to $ 15 per game).

Preview Playboy slot

Playboy Gold, March 2018

The way Microgaming (still in partnership with Playboy, but also the studios Triple Edge) treats female beauty is completely different from one Playboy slot to another.

While the first Playboy slot seems to have been crushed by censorship, the Playboy gold slot show them real Playmates of the moment, at their best: in the flesh.

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At the visual level therefore, Playboy gold is classier than the original.

And then here there is 6 rolls and 100 lines. However, the game publisher here imposes a minimum stake of $ 0.50 by spin.

The star bonuses of the game are undoubtedly the symbols Mega bunny : 4 Playmates who invade 4 long and wide reels. They will give you a multiplier (up to x5), a cash reward up to 30x your stake or a mini bonus game of 4 free spins maximum, with a jumbo symbol that covers most reels.

With 3 symbols Scatter, you will activate the feature Wheel of Fortune which will bring you between 10x and 100x your stake, or a dozen free spins with Wilds and additional giant symbols. If you pick up a symbol Bonus Match (represented by two Playmates) however, you will be entitled to a memory mini-game with cash reward at the key.

This time, Microgaming gives us a slot machine low volatility which has a redistribution rate of 96%

Although the slot machine Playboy gold offers many features, and even a wheel of fortune (like the previous one branded game Halloween), it is slightly disappointing in terms of earning potential. Indeed, we will not win more than 200x the stake.

Still, Microgaming offers us a new very decent Playboy slot machine (both figuratively and literally), with a much improved visual..

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