Orient Express Slot Machine

orient express slot orient express slot

The game editor Yggdrasil, which always continues to chain the rewards Gaming, is inspired by pre-war Europe which reached Istanbul for its December 2017 hit. Behind-the-scenes tour of the luxurious Orient Express slot machine. A very successful casino adaptation of the legendary train immortalized by Agatha Christie.

In the 5 reels and 20 paylines of this Orient Express slot machine, a squad of 5 people take action under the watchful eyes of fans ofYggdrasil Gaming. The luxury and calm of your trip, however, will not be upset by a murder, unlike the rehab of the cult work The crime of the Orient Express released in theaters in December 2017.

Withdrawals from 30$

Up to 150% on first deposit

Orient Express Scalable Slot Machine

To have the best chances of winning on Orient Express, you will have to travel to all destinations. Each destination has its own free spins part and bonus feature.

We evolve in the game as we unlock each of the 4 destinations: Paris, Venice, Belgrade and Istanbul.

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Free Spins Orient Express

You embark in Paris, where the wild symbols are represented by police officers. Once you activate the free spins bonus round, you move on to the next destination. Arrived in Istanbul - last destination - you will be able to choose your favorite destination each time you trigger the free spins.

AT Paris, the flagship feature is that of the Walking wild. The symbols Walking wild appear after the reels stop, and grant you a free ride. As their name suggests, they are movet one step to the left on the adjacent roll. As long as there is a symbol Walking wild on your rolls you will continue to get a free spin more. And if by luck you trigger the bet of Free Spins, you will see that this feature drops frequently.

Once at Venice, all you need to do is make a winning spin to benefit from a Gain multiplier.  Represented by the clock symbol, this bonus feature grants you between 2x and 5x earnings. During the Free Spins you will have the same multipliers added to your winnings.

You arrive at Belgrade, there or from small trains walk on the rollers from left to right. These give you the benefit of a Roller Wild (the roll they stop on). During your normal or bonus rounds on the Orient Express slot machine, between 1 and 3 reels may become fully Wild.

Istanbul, final destination. At this point, the postcards will fly at random over the symbols to transform them into Wild. These Wilds random will not appear if the card lands on a Scatter (entitled Free Spins) or on a Wild. On the other hand, between 2 and 12 symbols can become Wild at any time.

Orient Express Bonus

In terms of functionality, the Wild is always the same regardless of the destination. This is the logo of the train Orient Express slot machine. Its role is to replace other symbols in order to achieve a winning combination. 4 destinations. 4 Wilds different.

The world is the symbol Scatter Game. Three suddenly lead to 7 free spins, 4 sure 15 free spins and the maximum: 5 out of a total of 30 parts.

Each time you trigger the bonus round, you unlock the next level. So after 4 free spins games, you will have tested them all and can select the one you like the most - in end of each bonus game, That being said.

Highest Paying Orient Express Destination

Since the bets start at 0.10$ the spin on the Orient Express slot machine, we had time to travel on the machine train that connects the West and the East in four destinations.

The graphics and animations snap like an invitation to travel. But these are really the 1,150 x stake which are synonymous with glamor. So we wanted to compare the destinations to see which one was the most profitable.

Even though we struggled to make any gains at Istanbul (most of the time we got between 2 and 4 Wild only), the paytable for this destination is the most interesting of all.

On the other hand, Paris and its re-spins galore remains the safest choice for those who want to make the fun last (we're talking about bankroll).

So it would seem that the volatility of this machine varies depending on the destination.

For us anyway, there is no destination that is worth more than the Orient-Express slot machine itself. Because in terms of entertainment, it is in fact the only real destination for all the players who come on board.

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