Reimagined Sugar Pop Candy in Double Dipped Slot

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More quality, more rows and reels, more avalanche payouts and bonus features Double Dipped slot which yields candy always linked to their respective level of progress. Are the new sweets signed Betsoft as profitable as the publisher claims or Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped online slot actually a doubly sweet trap ?

Betsoft Gaming (The Slotfather), publisher specializing in online casino games in 3D, resolutely takes the right turn, following up on the popular Sugar pop slot machine. This second, even sweeter version seemed to us to be an improved transposition rather than a sequel, however, with symbols picked up but progressing, as well as better graphics and bigger reels..

Sugar pop vs. Sugar pop 2

The Sugar pop 2 - Double Dipped slot is a slot machine medium volatility and its redistribution rate is evaluated at 96.4%

Your Actual Chances of Winning at Slot Machines

Betsoft is therefore re-tempering its flagship slot machine Sugar pop in a confit of even more profitable bonus features. We find the famous soft pink clouds in the background, but the sweets are indeed better.

For playing Sugar pop as well as Sugar pop 2 - Double Dipped real money slot machine we believe we can tell you what the difference is between the two slot machines.

First of all, the special sweets are only displayed on the 5 reels in 5 rows in the original version, while in the Double Dipped slot machine, they are wrapped in a giant chocolate surprise egg, which will burst on 7 rows and 7 rollers.

Then, we notice that the levels and the candies have not only been reinvented, but there is more to it. Since there were already a lot of them in the previous version, this complicates the gameplay but when you think about it, it turns out to be just a candy-matching game that pays off. And given the winnings (528,305 rooms), we want to dwell on the tips and tricks for making bigger gains by reaching the highest levels.

Finally, a big surprise (probably the best): we are now entitled to a Free Spins part and has a symbol Wild - undoubtedly, here we have a game in our hands Double Dipped paid and improved slot.

Sugar Pop 2 - Double Dipped slot Avis

Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped is a machine signed Betsoft is composed of 7 rolls in 7 rows.

Those who have already tested Sugar pop know that we are not talking in paylines of Sugar Pop slots, but in structure (and here, we go from 5 × 5 to 7 × 7). In terms of theme and design, nothing changes except the fact that the graphics quality is even better.

As in the original - you just have to assemble candies, But following. In short, a kind of candy Crush casino version, or if you prefer a slot like this Gemix by Play'n Go.

The goal ? Fill the candy combination gauge, which once arrived at the max, takes us to next level. And levels, there are 29.

Explanation for those who do not play Sugar Pop 2 - Double Dipped slot in Canadian:

When we start winning over Double Dipped slot, any combination of 4 identical neighboring candies will not only bring a gain, but also his winning symbols explode to make room for those above. This is called the bonus feature Avalanche gains (Tumbling or Cascading Reels in English).

You will have understood it quickly anyway, the goal of the game on Sugar pop 2 is to chain the winnings thanks to this feature Avalanche. And the more winning combinations you get, the more the gauge that is to the right of the screen fills up. When it reaches the maximum, we go to higher level.

The whole point of leveling up on the slot machine Pop Sugar 2: Double Dipped is to make bigger gains. And indeed, you earn almost double what you won with your predecessor game.

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Bonus features Double Dipped slot

Sugar Pop 2 offers a level system through which you can take advantage of upgradeable bonus features as and when new special candy symbols unlocked.

In this new edition, some new random bonus features starting with the symbol Wild (represented by the multicolored berlingot). If you manage to get some 5 in a combination, you get a Wild that will remain after the suit explodes. The Wild of the game replaces the other symbols except the symbol FS and Level Up.

The egg chocolate surprise will also appear at random and open, revealing one of the 8 special candies. These candies each have special functions that can lead to more winnings, some for example will explode certain symbols while others will mix them up..

Caramel, for example, crosses the reels destroying any symbols it crosses. About the Candy bomb represented by the chocolate spiral with a barley sugar wick allows you to detonate a bomb to clear an area of ​​symbols and allow winnings as a result. You need at least 5 in a suit, but the more of them, the larger the area that explodes..

Free Spins Double Dipped slot

The big red candy titled "FS" (Free Spins) is the free spins trigger.

Depending on the amount of red candies FS adjacent to the screen (from 4), a certain number of free spins will be awarded (between 5 and 27 free spins).

Thanks to the free spins, we have a better chance of making chain winnings, so to move on to higher level and finally unlock a new special symbol whose bonus feature will generate even more winnings as a result.

At level 1, two special symbols are here ; the bomb and the whirlwind of Wild. At levels 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25 and 29, we go unlock new symbols.

By the way, speaking of a level crossing: the symbol Level Up (Upper Level) is that of the star with the pink arrow on it. It is displayed randomly, report good and unlock a symbol special candy when we go to the next level.

Each symbol Level Up gradually fills the progress bar to the left of the reels and increases the number of symbols required to move to the next level.

Your Chances of Winning on the Double Dipped slot machine

The only and real goal is to unlock new symbols. Why ? Because each symbol will play a very special role, aiming to increase the chances of landing a new combination. And this, thanks to a bonus feature his own.

With all these new features Double Dipped slot bonus and a rather high minimum bet at 0.50 $ pennies a game, you couldn't ask for better than a medium volatility game. Given the repayment that said, it does not surprise us more than that in the end and we actually get a pretty good report rate of return / variance.

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