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If the work carried out by the website of has been called a well-oiled and well-made war machine, this is because we take into account the tests and opinions of real players.

Canadian players have their requirements in terms of online casinos. Requirements that change over time and according to tastes, countries and the news. The best online casino, it's simply the Canadian players who choose it.

These platforms were voted the best gaming sites in terms of quality of services and some security.

The importance of the '0 risk' factor for Canadian players

Today we still cannot count on strong online gambling regulation. So basically if we choose to play at the online casino it's at our own risk..

Relying on the so-called impartial online casino comparators or the discussions between bad losers on the forums, which demolish even the most reputable Canadian certified casinos? It's a bit light when you see a casino confiscating our winnings under false pretenses.

There are some great forums and guides that do a good job, but why not just prevent instead of cure? By playing only on certified casinos accepting Canadian, players can be sure and some

  1. to be treated with respect,
  2. to access a visible and clear regulation, and
  3. to cash in their winnings

For this, we quite simply rely on the help of the community. The part of truth in what the players denounce? We take care of it with anonymous tests, in-depth research, meetings with stakeholders. This is what allows us to do sorting out good and bad information.

  • You speak
  • We test
  • We denounce

Basically, we sort out the release of players with the casino worker, and keep the community informed..

Publishing your rated reviews is what makes a site famous, and that's how you'll find your best online casino..

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Dear newbies, here's how to find your best online casino

As you can tell right now, there is no better online casino. Each player has their own favorite site.

That being said, there are some basic rules to follow in finding a trusted casino..

  1. We must first consider whether the online casino has a gaming license.
  2. Once this has been verified, we will secondly rely on a authorized online casino which offers optimal security, for example by giving us proof of accreditation and various certifications. This is the case with the casino 777be which is accredited by the Belgian Gaming Commission.
  3. The best way to test a casino is still to play, compare your deposit amounts to your withdrawals, ask customer service for help, test the mobile games, etc. This will not only give you une idea of ​​the most profitable casino of the moment, but will also tell you which platforms offer the best services.

Which is the most profitable casino?

Who is bluffing who at the best online casino?

Cheating in gambling is as old as the world.

That said, the most trusted online casinos go to great lengths to make it virtually non-existent..

And it is by taking the best security measures in the world (systems, programs, high-tech software in which serious online casinos invest), that these platforms guarantee us to fair chances of winning.

These means of protection not only prevent the smart ones from bluffing with the use of martingales, card counting, etc. but also allow the personal data of players to be kept confidential and fully secure..

Digital encoding (otherwise known as data encryption) is an example of security measures to protect the player.

Notice to online casino bluffers

Don't be suspicious of anything and everything

Do not immediately turn on when an online casino asks for your mobile number or a copy of your identity card when you register. Instead, check the legitimacy of the casino, make sure it is serious and agree to give this information.

Because in the end, it's just about check that you are who you say you are. If you look closely, all game vendors verify the identity and age of the player these days.

And then, if you had accepted that Neteller calls you to get a e-wallet for your deposits and withdrawals, accept the same from a certified Canadian casino ranked best online casino in the list of favorite sites for Canadian players.

It's important to keep up with the times, and today we live in a world where the virtual takes pride of place. The casino you choose needs some of your data, such as your mobile number, to ensure your security (for example, the confidential sending of your credentials, also called "login"). Or simply contact you in an emergency. However, you will do well to be wary of the processing of your data during payment. The deposit and withdrawal options must be fully secure and renamed among users.

The quality of a game provider's software

A game provider is a company that creates and delivers game software. It is responsible for offering one or more software and will gain in popularity if the game software it offers is popular..

The opinions on suppliers abound on the web, so give yourself to your heart's content to consult the reviews, tests and opinions of specialists, but also of players..

Dig a little deeper by researching the rewards obtained by the suppliers, for example one of them is Play'n Go which excels in simplicity (and which powers the casinos of the most awarded group 7Red), Betsoft in 3d graphics, ect.

Every year, vendors try to outdo themselves to be voted the best gaming software provider of the year. A bit like a fashion designer, he will become popular according to his talent.

Define your own online casino selection criteria

Have needs, but above all wants. Security needs, limit needs but also a desire for games (games of casino in live, for example), a desire to play for real or even a simple wish to find a casino in contention with the highest possible redistribution rate.

The platforms that manage to meet the highest priorities of Canadian casino players, you have created a list to facilitate the search for all. Give us your opinion, we check your info and test.

All you have to do is regularly consult the List of the Best Casinos of the moment as well as the latest scam casino sites and blacklist.