The Wild Sultan Loyalty Program

loyalty program wild sultan loyalty program wild sultan

Wild sultan is undoubtedly one of the top ranked online casinos by the Canadian and many are the players who trust him. Its marketing strategy is brilliant; it relies on loyalty to gain the loyalty of its players. However, not all players agree on the benefits of the loyalty program. Wild sultan.

While this casino proves to understand the importance of competition by creating very VIP oriented bonuses, the new loyalty program does not convince everyone. Does the casino not see what players are criticizing for the loyalty program? Wild sultan, or are we simply misinformed?

The importance of your deposit and withdrawal history

More and more new online casinos are emerging. Therefore, in terms of competition the online gambling industry has become a real battleground. One of the best weapons of operators remains loyalty.

But in order to really hold us back, online casinos would do well to explain the how the loyalty program works put in place. For example, how does it work on Wild sultan? Do the jackpots really fall at random?

By digging a little, we learn that the bonus value chests depends more on the history of our deposits and withdrawals than on our loyalty. However, the amount of bonus chests and the level of VIP status do not in themselves constitute, contrary to popular belief, our biggest advantages as a VIP player..

The latest Wild Sultan bonuses in detail

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Wild Sultan Loyalty Program Chests Bonuses

These small bonuses awarded to big players (who have reached a high VIP level) are widely disputed, even if the principle is the same as that of the famous miles that you accumulate by traveling with one and the same airline.

In fact, the loyalty program Wild sultan looks like any loyalty program: the retribution is consumption-based client. If we travel less often or play less often, our benefits are reduced.

And how our benefits are reduced is going to matter enormously, because one day or another we will be brought back to greater consumption. But if our advantages are to decrease, it must be done the most appropriate way possible. This is where some casinos go wrong.

Real or artificial loyalty?

A regular at Wild sultan, that we know well (and having long passed the hundred in VIP Player Level), was surprised at the bonus gift which he got by moving from one VIP level to another. As required by the principle of the loyalty program Wild sultan, a bonus chest is unlocked every once we finish a VIP level to go to the next one. Email obtained from Wild sultan has an innocent object and starts in the fog ... Your Bonus Chest. Congratulations, you have just upgraded to VIP level 133 and have unlocked a chest. Your $ 3 bonus has just been credited to your account.

While this may not seem like much (especially as a VIP bonus), the disappointment is alleviated a bit by comparison of deposits and withdrawals of this regular, who won more than lost at this casino in the end. And then the bets he performs today are many weaker than in its early days. But the main thing to take into consideration are the wagering requirements associated with this bonus chest: this is a bonus without wagering requirement! This means that the winnings from this bonus can be cashed immediately..

The other aspects of the Wild Sultan loyalty program that annoy

If a casino is to pamper its big players, as much as it rewards its loyalty as it should. However, some online casinos do not even offer VIP bonuses while others just award "comp points" aka loyalty points.

The regulars Wild sultan who play on the site daily do not see the point of continuing to progress as a VIP if it is to receive a $ 3 bonus at the end of the level. In addition, the levels are more and more difficult to pass.

In short, the more you get to an advanced VIP level, the more time it takes to move up to a higher status..

So not only the cash bonuses offered in the vaults Wild sultan seem uninteresting, but also it is more and more difficult to bring them down. What we don't realize, however, is that the whole point of this type of offering lies in a playthrough weak, even non-existent.

If we look closely, the same type of offer is offered on other casinos, such as for example Reload Bonus of Extra Casino and Lucky31

As for the random jackpot of the loyalty program, it works as a kind of counter (based on the jackpot amount). Contrary to what some gamers think, it really comes down to chance and can be taken down even by a recent VIP player.

What you might not know about Wild Sultan

True loyalty is built on emotion. An online casino with genuinely loyal players doesn't need to blackmail mathematically predictable giveaways.

This does not mean that loyalty programs are ineffective. Although a casino might disappoint us in some ways, we will continue to play there if we are generally happy with it. And this is not just for the purpose of enhancing our status as a client. No, this is mainly because overall we are happy with the online casino in question.

Indeed, some services are more important to us than bonuses. And justly Wild sultan is a casino that excels, on many levels. Take for example the withdrawals sure Wild sultan. They are fast, even made by bank transfer. Sometimes a day's wait is enough and the result: in 2 or 3 days the payment is credited to our account. This stop especially to replay the gains or cancel a withdrawal.

The Complete Review of Wild sultan

Familiarize yourself with the bonuses of the Wild Sultan VIP chests

Clearly, sometimes a company has to modify its services when demand drops. But again, it must be done well and above all it must not anger the customers. Here are a couple of suggestions that would help us see the loyalty program bonus chests in a different light. Wild sultan:

  1. Explain to players well in advance how VIP benefits work. This could be done by email and at the time of registration. At best, if a player reaches the end of their VIP level, they will play more. At worst, the player will not be unpleasantly surprised at the amount of the bonus from the chests. Its value will indeed be immediately less important than his conditions.
  2. Offer larger chests. Clearly, if a VIP player bets smaller than before, that means he is playing somewhere else or trying to play less to preserve himself. So making the level crossing last for in the end, awarding insignificant chest bonuses will inevitably lead to a lack of motivation. Relaxing the consideration of bets according to VIP level seems a good idea, for example for the most advanced statuses, an average could be made over the last 3 months?
  3. Encourage play by remembering VIP exclusives. One of the biggest failures of the loyalty program Wild sultan is the lack ofencouragement. When granting VIP status, players should remember that they are receiving exclusive benefits. As for example the express withdrawals, special bonuses like the VIP Cash Race or useful features on Wild sultan mobile.
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