8 Million Mega Moolah Mobile Jackpot

mega moolah jackpot mega moolah jackpot

The spring of 2017 is definitely a success for many online casino players. In particular to a player of online slot machine European, which must celebrate spring like no other. Sit down for a few moments, just to digest the scoop.

Once again, the most famous of video slots turns the life of a player upside down by giving them their biggest jackpot and takes the opportunity to make history. A little over a month after a casino player rewards won  6.6 million, that is 8 million Mega moolah mobile jackpot falling.

With 8 million by Mega Moolah mobile jackpot, it becomes the biggest winner

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April 25, Mega moolah mobile jackpot made a casino member's wildest dreams come true Tipico. Starting with his payday, which arrived earlier than expected.

The newly elected ‘biggest winner of Mega Moolah mobile jackpot 'was doing a few cellphone sessions when it suddenly entered the millionaires' club, as well as the winning record books on mobile casino online.

This lucky lucky one had made a spin at just over $ 6 before hitting the jackpot. An amount not yet reached, which totals 1,281,944 times the initial stake. Like all previous winners of Mega moolah mobile jackpot, the player cashed in all of the winnings at once.

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Why Mega moolah is she still so successful

Started a long time ago, Mega moolah is a progressive multi-site jackpot, linking the machines together which together feed a single jackpot by deducting a percentage from each bet.

One of the reasons we love to play Mega moolah is more than logical. Not only is its potential for winning spectacular, with at least one million in local currency, but in addition its popularity is such that its jackpot is increasing at high speed..

But let's move away from the size of the jackpot, and how quickly it grows. Let's focus on the gameplay of Mega moolah: The magic about this slot is that you can hit the jackpot anytime. Indeed, the odds of winning are equal whatever the part since the bonus Jackpot Wheel (the wheel of the three jackpots) can be triggered at any time.

Microgaming delighted again

Our loyal readers will surely find us repeating ourselves, but rather it is the developer of the game at Microgaming who does all the work. The latter, absolutely delighted with the new mobile record, said he was amazed to see that the Mega Jackpot passed from 4.3 million on March 21 at 8 million on April 25.

He did not fail to congratulate the new multimillionaire while confessing to be proud to be able to beat his own record of jackpot wins on mobile. It must be said that Microgaming is the game publisher with the highest number of progressive jackpots. And since the launch of Mega moolah as well as other jackpot games, no less than 716 million euros were paid to the various winners.

This is now the third time in three years that the jackpot Mega moolah is won in April, and its sum exceeds the previous ones. This is also the third time the jackpot has fallen this year, having already been won in january, in March and now in April.

Would we have a better chance of winning at the mobile casino??

It is not without doubt, because it’s still interesting that the last three to hit the jackpot on this slot have all played on a mobile device. In all, 4 of the last 6 jackpot winners have won from their mobile.

Despite the fact that the new amount won is a record mobile slot gain, it remains far behind the record PC slot gain, still held by Jonathon Heywood (13.2 million in October 2015).

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