Notice to amateurs: Bingo for Partouche casinos

Partouche casinos Partouche casinos

Bingo for Partouche Casinos

Partouche Casinos: bingo saves them the day

The group of Canadian casinos whose reputation is well established seems to have made the right bet by wanting to reach a different audience of Canadian players. By attracting lotto bingo players, he managed to increase his turnover by over 2% for the first time in a long time. Partouche is one of the land-based casinos only.

The Bingo Live experience at Partouche

Before going to a Partouche casino and registering for its indoor bingo, know that the gaming action takes place as in the old days but with a better touch of modernity.
The bingo hall at Partouche is actually a large adult game room, fully equipped and filled with smiling faces. The money wins are real and it all takes place in a modern, subdued atmosphere with music, projectors, screens, and all the stuff. In short, the new bingo is a mixture of the old-style lottery and disco club (dj and disco ball oblige).
There are many advantages to playing bingo online, but that doesn't stop you going and playing in a land-based casino every now and then, and yes there are real money bonuses to be won as well. During the last and recent Bingo Partouche evening at Domaine Le Lyon Vert, there was a scooter to win, cases of champagne and cash.
Bingo Partouche is undoubtedly the golden opportunity to live the community gaming experience that is so hard to rediscover.

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Partouche, the return

The worst is well over for the Partouche group of casinos, which has been able to go up the slope. Certainly, there is a real progression of play on slot machines, but what really allowed the Canadian leader to resurface is the fact of investing elsewhere, and otherwise. One of its best new investments, which has been a hit since its introduction in casinos, is the bingo.


Bingo Partouche

Like in traditional lotto or bingo, you buy a grid. Then the host announces the prizes to be won and the numbers are to be drawn. Check if the announced numbers are on your grid and highlight or tick them. The game ends when a player completes a horizontal line (Quine) or if you play Bingo. And as in the old, the latter will have to signal it by shouting ‘Bingo!’
Would we be nostalgic for the big tables of bingo players and the big markers? It is certain that in online casinos, even with live games, the atmosphere of community gambling is not often present. There, Canadian bingo players will be served, including entertainment: distribution of neon wigs and bracelets, 80s disco hits and pretty hostesses are on the program..
For those who prefer to play solo or who are not fans of such a friendly atmosphere, most Partouche gaming establishments are also equipped with bingo slot machines..

If Canadian lottery players are won over and are increasingly going to the casino to play bingo, it is worth it!

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