Notice to Online Casino Bluffers

bluff at the casino bluff at the casino

How to bluff at online casino? Because bluffing has never been forbidden in gambling, let's take a look at our real odds of winning at the casino. For that, let's get closer to our enemies and make friends with. 

Our suppliers of casino games favorites are coming out with new titles that are as enticing as each other and while we praise and share their merits by giving our opinions publicly and online, we go after the online casino we are losing on. There's one thing most of us don't know: the publishers / providers are just as involved as the online casino that offers their games. It turns out that they are the ones who have control over the random number generator (according to the Random Number Generator) which is the tool supposed to calculate our fairest odds of winning. But by the way, we think about it now: who is behind the rate of redistribution of slot machines and who decides their volatility?

The supplier and his online casino, partners of the devil?

If we wrongly accuse the casino we're losing money on, then how come we feel like we don't nothing to earn once we get payment for our winnings?

Not everyone is a sore loser, but the more experienced among us have found that:

  • Our game history, of deposit, of earnings - in short, our transactions are recorded and can be used both in the software and in the casino, which work hand in hand.
  • When we win, we are in a lucky period, period. Change software or slot machine will not make us lose. This proves that the RNG record our game sessions and compare the luckiest ones with our losing sessions.
  • We are not familiar with the random number tool RNG - for example, most of us wonder if it changes for each slot machine or if it only changes per game session.
  • The famous RNG does not play a role so important and so transparent that they want us to believe. Whether awarded by the software or by the casino, it must take into account the winnings and losses made by the casino. So it seems that our chances of winning or losing are predefined.
  • Also, we have the strong impression that the RNG uses too often of a whole small deposit multiplier to determine the maximum earnings However, if we do not make large deposits, would we be at a disadvantage??

There is much to wonder who is bluffing who.

And until we find out, why don't we also practice bluff the software of providers and online casinos?

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First understand our real chances of making money

To really assess our chances of winning at an online casino, we also need to compare the number and amount bets placed and earnings facts on one and the same slot.

To add more, the time lapse game is also to be taken into account. Indeed, if it has been proven that winning at the casino is never possible in the long term, we must assess our chances of winning on a particular game and over a relatively short period of time..

We did the test on slot machines and published an article on the most profitable slot casinos. It was no coincidence that we made the choice to test this specific casino game - because luck in table games, such as blackjack, does not depend on volatility or the payout ratio..

How to bluff an online casino and its game publisher

Now that we understand that our odds of winning vary depending on the games a publisher distributes, we can consider muddying their waters by changing the way we play..

After all, no matter how much we deposit or how much we bet, it seems like a slot machine be always capped at the same final total gain.

Knowing that our gambling habits are recorded and certainly impact our chances of winning, if we simply tried to cheat the casino software - just to see that everything can happen, as the laws of chance proclaim loud and clear?

Strategies for reducing losses before increasing the chances of winning

The first one strategy for to win at slot machines is first to know how minimize losses.

For example, if the total amount of possible winnings is calculated based on the number of deposits made then make a withdrawal every time we double or triples his deposit in winnings is a solution.

The second strategy not to lose too much: do not give in to the temptation to replay our winnings.

It's easier said than done, but if you think about it, staying wise is a strategy that pays off.

Hoping to hit the jackpot by handing over a portion of the winnings is not the worst thing to do, however you have to know how to control yourself and not make it a habit either..

Conclusive results on Tortuga Casino

Hoping to hit the jackpot by handing in the winnings is never a good idea, but the biggest players say otherwise. And they have proof to back it up: some time ago, it was by handing over the entire big winnings that a VIP player in the Casino Tortuga rose to 8,000 euros in earnings.

Fortunately, thanks to the fact that Casino Tortuga is a reliable site that pays its players, it was able to pocket almost all of its 8 thousand euros in real money!

It is important to note, however, that the likelihood of the winning falling again when replaying your wins is low. Indeed, it is by making small - or even medium - deposits and withdrawals that the chance to win occurs most frequently.

Good play and make sure your winnings are paid out when playing at serious casinos.

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