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It starts again and it comes back. Slow-motion server, reconnection in progress, interruption in the middle of a winning spin… There is reason to wonder about the real origin of this kind of technical problem. Especially since in online casinos, it is mostly NetEnt slot machine bugs that we are dealing with.

After the sites not recommended and the  fake NetEnt casinos, should we expect another scandal? Many game publishers are deserting certain markets, so why do we always find their games online and most importantly, how come there are so many bugs in them? Before turning paranoid, let's identify this technical problem to better solve it.

Slot Machine Crash, Flaw or Bugs?

Basically, an information bug is a design flaw that results in a dysfunctiont. It can affect software, a game, or even a program.

On online casinos, this kind of problem (also called glitch) can have several origins but most of the time it occurs in the middle of the game and sometimes even when making a real money deposit.

If we have to explore the migration error of the platform's payment system, the change of browser or even the famous cookies: we admit to detecting a certain lack of responsiveness, see consideration, on the part of online casinos when expose the problem to them.

The right reflexes in this specific case:

  1. Take a screenshot (‘keyimprecr syst' beside F12),
  2. Send an email immediately by attaching the file
  3. Contact Live Chat support to let them know
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Learn to differentiate the type of Bug

Even if the feeling of being left behind invades us when we experience a technical problem, a slot machine outage or bugs, the best way to deal with this kind of problem is to bring together as much material evidence as possible.

First, we must therefore seek to understand whether this is a small recurring bug or a good big bug. In the event of a small bug, the malfunction is temporary in nature and will be resolved within 24 hours with a little goodwill on the part of the casino..

On the other hand, in the event of a big bug, it will be necessary to wait patiently because the problem does not generally come from the casino but from the game server, in other words from the software..

Then, at all costs, it is necessary to define whether it is voluntary scuttling from the game publisher who in principle prohibits access, or if it is simply a matter of lack of responsiveness from the casino.

Player Reviews, Tests & Personal experience

If we see an increase in slot machine bugs from some software, we need to explore the scuttling trail. So we wanted to understand how it happened on the other European markets and what were the means employed by NetEnt to repair the bugs reported on the forums players online.

After testing several NetEnt slots online, we found that the publisher was releasing a second installment a few years after the original. Expecting some serious changes, we were surprised to see only slight changes.

Let us take as an example the case of DOA, which is an extremely popular slot machine. In 2016, she disappeared from the NetEnt line, supposedly better to come back. The reasons are many; significant popularity, need for better graphics, new features, addition of lines ...

In theory, a new version of the same slot machine appears for good reasons, but sometimes this actually hides the need to urgently eliminate the. vulnerability of the slot machine, this one allowing players to make permanent winnings on this slot machine.

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Thing & Tip for Winning at the NetEnt Game

Since heavyweight publishers such as Microgaming and NetEnt restrict access to their games in certain markets, your best bet is still to play on the higher paying slots. In addition, learn to identify the type of dysfunction you are experiencing (repetition of slot machine bugs: require monitoring and rapid resolution from the casino) to better deal with a possible glitch..

Top Paying Slot Machine

Sure, NetEnts are visually appealing, packed with innovative features, but the chances of winning seem to be gradually worsening. So while waiting for the establishment of NetEnt Engage ™ (performance-boosting innovation for casinos), it is still best to bet on reliable casinos on which we win for real. Among the last, Wild sultan, Casino Superlines, Bitstarz and Lucky 8 are part of the top.

Finally, don't neglect the game in demo mode because the free games allow you to familiarize yourself with slot machines. If in addition you can take advantage of a big advantage to get started on a particular site, take a look at the latest promotions good deals.

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