Tips for Managing Your Online Casino Account

Your online gambling establishment is closing your casino account, and you don't even know why. It took you some time to realize that your customer account is indeed closed. Yet you thought you had taken good resolutions. Don't panic, we have the solutions to unblock the situation. Read on before venturing into the site's customer service.

This is when we really regret that we did not pay more attention to the general conditions of use. We therefore willingly go through the clauses of the charter, looking for the possible motive. Once the casino account is closed, will the money that was left on it at least be returned to us? We give you the right tips to get everything back.

Casino Account Blocked: Possible Reasons

Most of the time, users simply cannot remember their credentials.

This is the most common reason for temporarily closing a customer account. However, all merchant sites on the internet require their customers to identify themselves before being able to access all of the services offered online..

In the specific case of online gambling establishments, this involves opening a player account. And although it may seem simple and harmless, opening a casino or sports betting account online must be done by respecting a number of rules. Game moderators, selection of loss limits, bank account receipts, ID card scan… EVERYTHING is checked. It's the law.

Once registered, it is important to respect certain conditions of use and the restrictions associated with them. And you can learn to manage your player account well.

If your current wish is to close your casino account, you are also at the right address! With the emergence of new online casinos (on which it is also difficult to have verified and therefore useful player reviews), it is difficult to know which ones are reliable and which are not recommended..

Recognize Non-Recommended Casino Sites

What is possible for you, however, is to only rely on operators licensed in your jurisdiction. Depending on your Canadian-speaking area, some operators are certified reliable by the competent authority in your territory. In the event of a blocked casino account with one of these operators, the possible reasons are justified and there is a good chance that the situation will resolve itself. In addition, the remedies are much stronger.

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Open My Player Account at the Casino

Regardless of which online casino you plan to play at, at one point or another, you will need to register and open a player account if you are going to make money on it. This is usually a fairly straightforward and essential procedure for a full gaming experience..

There are indeed online casinos that allow their visitors to test their games for free, without prior registration. But this is increasingly rare. In addition, it remains limited to certain games. To open the games live casino for example, you will necessarily have to open a player account, regardless of the casino.

But opening a casino account above all allows you to make deposits and withdrawals on and from the casino. Once your account is created, you can fund it to play in real mode, but also request the withdrawal of your winnings. To do this, each site offers a dedicated section, entitled "Cashier" or "Bank" as the case may be..

As a personal space, your player account is also your interface for managing your gaming sessions. Depending on the casino you are playing on, you will therefore have access to various features, such as:

  • adding your favorite games to favorites;
  • your player history;
  • the management of your bonuses;
  • direct access to customer service ...

Register, how does it work ?

The player account primarily allows the operator to identify you. At the time of registration, the information you will be asked for mainly concerns your identity: name, first name, date of birth, gender, country of residence, address, email, phone number, currency, etc..

All you have to do is fill in the form (s) providing correct information.

Never provide incorrect information when opening your casino, poker or betting account.

This could lead to the outright closure of your account if the casino finds out..

Remember, in the same context, that you must be at least 18 years old to open an online casino account. You will be required to provide supporting documents to verify the information you have provided.

As part of an account opening procedure, you will also need to create your credentials (username or nickname and password). Comply with the specific requirements imposed by your casino in this context and keep your password secret.

Some online gambling platforms, for example Belgian certified casinos, may also ask you to provide your bank details at the registration stage.

Casino Account Closure

You no longer wish to play on a site where you have opened an account? Do you want to close your casino account? In principle, you just need to contact the customer service of the platform concerned and request an account closure. The support service will normally take care of the rest and inform you afterwards that the account has been closed..

Some casinos also offer you the option of closing a casino account permanently or temporarily via a feature accessible directly in the personal area.

However, in reality, many online casinos do not comply with a request to close an account. Complaints about this are quite frequent. Unfortunately, in this kind of situation, you have little choice but to contact the service again until the shutdown is effective. You can also contact or Adictel ( to support your request.

Solutions to the blocked player account

It often happens that a player account is blocked so that no activity or transaction is possible during the intensive verification of receipts. And this happens especially in the event of a withdrawal request.

Why go so far as to close the account, without notice, for the simple reason of verifying supporting documents? You should be able to log into your casino account, but if the regulations so stipulate, the platform has the right to temporarily close your account..

Other Reasons for Account Closure

Before you even try to contact customer service to let them know your dissatisfaction, already try to determine the causes of the blockage. Overall, these causes can be linked to 5 main elements:

  • multiple incorrect attempts: if you enter incorrect identifiers (email and / or password) several times when logging into your player account, the casino may block your account for security reasons.
  • document verification issues: if you have made a withdrawal request and have not yet provided supporting documents, then the casino may temporarily suspend your account until you resolve the issue.
  • Non-compliance with terms and conditions of use: Many players do not take the time to read the terms of use imposed by the casino at which they are playing. Unfortunately, certain prohibitions are clearly mentioned there which can lead to a blocking of the player account..
  • Duplicate accounts: as a player you are only allowed to open one account per casino. If you override this restriction, be aware that the casino may find out during a withdrawal process or by verifying your IP address. Your two accounts may then simply be blocked.
  • fraudulent activity / provision of incorrect information: If you provide false information or if the casino detects fraudulent activity in your games, your account will be systematically blocked.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive.

Unlock your Player Account

If your casino account is blocked, don't panic! First, contact the casino's customer support team. If a live chat service is offered, do not hesitate to take the opportunity to chat directly with an agent. Otherwise, you will need to send an email or call by phone, depending on availability.

Once in contact with customer service, clearly present the situation. In principle, the agent with whom you will exchange will be able to clearly tell you the reason for the blocking of your account and will help you unblock it..

If this is a blockage related to the use of wrong credentials, the problem can be resolved with a reset email sent by the service. Likewise, if there is a problem related to the non-provision of supporting documents, all you have to do is send the requested documents to reactivate your account.

On the other hand, if the cause of the blocking concerns a flagrant non-compliance with the rules of use of the platform, it can be more complex. Online casinos are known to be very strict on certain points. Your account could therefore be the subject of a permanent blocking, with the consequence of the outright loss of the funds you have available on it..

If you believe that your account has been unfairly blocked, you can file a complaint with the casino or the regulatory body. Alternatively, report the problem on the online player forums. Bad publicity never does any good to an operator's reputation !

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