Best Loyalty Program 2019

Nowadays, there is such competition among online casino sites that they all have to compete in ingenuity to attract, but also to retain those who are already registered. If we have all already given in to the temptation to look elsewhere, we just need to surprise ourselves to keep the flame alive.

The information collected through the history of deposits and sessions by online casino loyalty programs allows personalized rewards. Focus on online casinos that know how to renew themselves to build loyalty and how to get the best out of them as a Canadian-speaking player.

Fidelity card & Online Casino

The loyalty card is amply dethroned by any tempting proposition. This little plastic rectangle slipped into our wallet allowing us to obtain discounts does not actually prevent us from resuming our fickle habits.

More attracted by hard discount, we must adapt our tight budgets. No offense to our favorite online gambling sites. We also have sophisticated tools to optimize our choices: online casino comparators accepting Canadian-speaking players, reviews and other player reviews.

Player Reviews on the Wild Sultan VIP Program

Nothing is holding us back. And yet.

You go to the electronic department, your phone beeps, an SMS announces a special promotion on the mobile you love so much. A second sends you a video game perfectly adapted to make your 5-year-old daughter wait. A third warns you that you can go to the cash register without having to queue ... These are personalized actions of this kind that could further retain our loyalty..

Fans of an online casino site are a minority. More sensitive to exclusive promotions than to loyalty program bonuses, it would suffice for them to have access to targeted offers according to their player profile.

We have conducted large-scale experiments with the latest best online casino sites 2019.

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Real Benefits of the Loyalty Program

A good loyalty program not only offers many advantages. These benefits need to be right for you. Our special review best loyalty program aims to determine which are the most interesting VIP programs for:

  • "Classic" players, that is, those with a more modest budget, and also
  • The High Rollers, who might however find some interesting information in this article.

You don't know what a High Roller ? You may be one yourself without knowing it !

This anglicism refers to players who place large sums in online casinos. Obviously, these are the ones who are the most pampered by gambling establishments and we can of course understand why !

By the way, if you'd rather discover the best loyalty program for players of this caliber, our article which focuses only on loyalty programs for big bettors might be of interest to you..

Top High Roller Casinos

But back to the benefits for small budgets: casinos that offer a good program also think about those who also play smaller amounts. So when choosing a new casino, be sure to check out their loyalty program. It can tell you a lot about the way they treat their players..

All Very Important Players

The majority of online casinos offer VIP bonuses and other privileges to their most regular, active, loyal players ... It must be said that everyone is going about their weekly promotion or their bonus without additional deposit (often granted in the form of games of free slot machine).

Their promotional program is sometimes so rich and complex that you can end up getting lost in it, and not really knowing which is the best loyalty program..

Player Tip One: Avoid casinos that have had the same VIP program for years. Concrete example: with different levels to climb to benefit from ever more generous rewards, the classic loyalty program with points comps convertibles is no longer able to retain us. This is a reality that many online gambling establishments prefer to ignore..

Fortunately, there are indeed a few VIP bonuses with strong involvement that still manage to retain us. And we know which ones, and where to find them online.

Loyalty bonuses, more commonly called casino rewards (some groups of casinos such as Luxury Casino have even made their name), are generally reserved for the most frequent customers.

However, there is now a strong tendency from online casinos to build player loyalty from the first deposit. for example Macau, Lady Vegas and Paris Casino offer loyalty offers in the form of a bonus without any wagering requirement. And this, from the first real money sessions.

We wanted to know what were the other online casinos in offer the best loyalty program and how to really profit from it.

The Casino Azur Loyalty Program

Here is the casino that we have decided to highlight and you will see that it is not for nothing, on the contrary ! Azur Casino Even though it is still recent, this online gaming establishment is already one of the most innovative in terms of VIP programs..

If it's not the best loyalty program, at least it is one of the best in our opinion. Although the conditions for accessing the Casino Azur VIP club are not clearly stated - and this is because it is by invitation only - the list of benefits is well indicated and it is pharaonic.

Hang in there, here is the list of all the privileges reserved for VIPs:

  • Exclusive offers in the form of free spins or deposit bonuses for example
  • Invitation to special events
  • Relaxed deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Wagering requirements applied to downgraded bonuses
  • VIP administrator permanently available
  • And above all ... travel !

You read that correctly, Azur Casino can offer you trips if you are one of its most loyal customers! And the casino says there are many more benefits to be discovered! In the meantime, know that as a new player you can benefit from a free bonus to test the casino.

Exclusivity Without Promo Code Azur Casino

Wait, it's not over! You can find many promotions, in the tab of the same name, which are only accessible to VIPs. These offer in particular free spins galore, but also cash back to recover some of your losses, when things did not go as you expected. !

Monte Cryptos VIP Club

If the club of Monte Cryptos casino isn't the best loyalty program, so it comes close! Compared to that of the Azur casino, it has the advantage of being clear and does not depend on the goodwill of the casino since it is points earned that allow you to advance in the 10 existing ranks.

The promises of this club are staggering. Up to $ 5,450 in free money and 2,300 free spins are redeemable as you progress through the levels.

To evolve, nothing could be simpler. Every time you place a bet on a slot machine (other game modes like live casino or table games do not contribute the same, if at all!), A certain percentage of that bet is transformed. in VIP Points. Better yet, the more you advance in the ranks, the more this percentage of stake increases. !

When you reach a new level of VIP Points, you directly get the benefits due to your new rank.

For example, when you reach the last rank - Emperor - this is what you are entitled to:

  • 500 free spins
  • $ 1,500 in bonus money
  • 18% weekly cash back
  • A personal account manager

Cresus Casino Loyalty Offer

Excellent reputation, fast payments, flawless mobile version, no-wagering bonus ... These are Cresus Casino Of course.

Why did you choose it over another casino in bonus without wagering ? Its seniority of course! Here is the perfect representation of a casino that has been able to renew its VIP program despite its seniority.

And then, we admit that as a Canadian speaker certain rewards granted by this online casino make us crack. Among those against which we can not fight, for example, champagne, chocolates ... Their gourmet baskets capsize us! It's a Canadian trend, and we can't go against our nature.

These are not the only advantages that Cresus Casino offers us, but they are significant.

Cresus Casino Offers Good Deals

The team of this online establishment highlights three other important points, reserved for members of the VIP club:

  • The exchange - You will be able to chat whenever you want with the site's VIP advisors who are available to you at any time you need them.
  • Generosity - These are offers exclusively reserved for privileged players but also increased withdrawal limits.
  • Proximity - These are the famous chocolates, champagne, Smartboxes and other gourmet baskets promised by the site and delivered directly to your home if you agree! Who would not be ?!

We can of course here again regret the fact that the casino is the only one to decide on your passage in the circle of VIP players. He specifies, however, that the activity of the account, the length of service, the loyalty and the quality of the contacts with his various services, are all points which mean that a player may or may not be invited to join the club..

So here is our top 3, now it's up to you to choose which one really deserves to be named the best loyalty program of the year 2019. Good luck. For everything related to online casinos, you can also visit!

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