Lies and False NetEnt Casinos

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Outsmart pranks and jokes, protect yourself from fake online casino software


Pirate NetEnt Casinos

The most famous online slots publisher, at what price ?

We live with the times.

The brick and mortar play circles once reserved for affluent households have fortunately become much more accessible..

But today even the best Vegas casinos are gradually being replaced by online casinos.

Less constraints, more choice but also no more danger.


When will we strengthen our security??

Playing online is becoming a way of life, just like playing online games. slot machines on mobile.

Unfortunately, security has always been a concern on the internet. Of course there is the antivirus - more or less efficient in return for which we have to pay for optimal security.

And then there is the reputation of a casino and its gaming software.

All casino guides claim to be the best, most honest and most reliable. However, just look at some of the casinos they recommend - they offer fake games. Hello casino ethics.


With us, only the strict truth is good to say.

Unless you try them one by one it is impossible to form a valid opinion. However, it is just as important to know how to test a game..

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Risk taking at a fake NetEnt Casino

No one is unaware that the best online casino software is withdrawing from the Canadian market in early 2016, for example NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech.

Also, if some quite respectable casinos are still under contract with this software (such as for example Wild sultan), they will all eventually have to agree to remove them from their offer.

The most mafia of casinos, supposedly recommendable, took the opportunity to get fake copies of NetEnt slots games. This use of forgery is worrying because even if the copies are identical, thThey do not depend on the supplier and are therefore without any guarantee in terms of volatility and redistribution rate.

Thus, a good number of Canadian NetEnt fans have fallen into the trap of the big bad wolves: theFake NetEnt Casinos.


These Fake NetEnt Casinos to blacklist urgently

The group Conan Gaming (Game Tech, AffPower) is the group blacklisted for posting games under the name of NetEnt while they are not neither legal nor certified by the official supplier.

It turns out that fake NetEnt casinos belows all belong to the same group. This makes it much easier for us to spot them right away and run away from them. So be on your guard.

  • Bordeaux Casino
  • Comsik Casino
  • DeuceClub
  • Euromoon
  • Osiris Casino
  • Park lane
  • Slots 500


Tips and tricks for recognizing a slot Real NetEnt

So far, there are several techniques for testing a Game. You can compare them but the best tips to really know if you are playing an official game are listed below. There is the technique of play money gambling and the simplest but the most expensive, that of real money gambling..

Technique 1

Once the NetEnt game download is complete, inspect the code in the browser to find out which domain is hosting the game. You need to find the domain ‘casinomodule.comIf so, then this is a real slot NetEnt. If on the other hand you see ‘ - this is a copy.


Technique 2

In the case of progressive slots NetEnt, you will realize soon enough that this is wrong just by looking at the value of the jackpot. If it is abnormally low then it is a fake game.

Compare and you will have an idea of ​​the approximate amount that should correspond to the jackpot.


Technique 3

If you really want to know what a game publisher is worth, your best bet is to play a real money game..

If you intend to, know that you will be able to see if this is a real or a fake by following these steps:

  • Make the smallest bets possible so that a game history in your player account is created. Two bets will be enough.
  • To access the history of your gaming operations, click on Settings or on the game settings icon at the top or bottom of the game screen
  • If your betting history appears, then this is a real game with verified payout and volatility indication.


How to play casino safely

With what we find industry news iGaming and our own demands as Canadian players, there is an important need which has not yet been fully met..

To feel safe.

For most players, finding a reliable casino ends with finding one. profitable, or with NetEnt games, or even offering unbeatable payment terms with 100% Canadian player support.

No one told them it could be a scam. They had to learn it for themselves and unfortunately left their money there.

If you have managed to escape the clutches of fake NetEnt casinos and that you are playing well on an official NetEnt slot machine, it is time to beware of the next fake Microgaming or Playtech games..


  • Security of our data

All online casinos claim to keep our personal data confidential. Instead of taking them all at their word, don't hesitate to ask customer service for clarification on their data storage methods and always check them. player reviews and the denunciation of scamming casinos on regularly visited forums.


  • Guaranteed security thanks to responsible gaming

Still too few casinos offer the possibility of setting gambling limits in time, money or access.

Know dear players that the best online casinos will be the ones who encourage responsible gambling and prove it in you allowing you to self-regulate.

One of the casinos that appears in our top list and which particularly proves its commitment is the Wild Sultan Casino. This allows the player to set their own limits directly in their account.!


  • security proven by software reliability

Reliable software is first and foremost software that has experience. However, it turns out that the most trusted software is still the providers of hard and online casinos..

For the moment, the biggest and most reputable providers of hard-core and online casinos are the publishers of German-speaking countries such as for example Novomatic or Merkur Gaming.

So indeed, we are fortunate to now be able to choose our software - but do we really know how to choose? It is important to make a distinction between our needs and our desires.

Read more casino articles / reviews than casino recommendations. Your safety is at stake.

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