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Casinos Avenue, the landmark for hard-core casino players

Finding a casino online rather than in its region is easier these days. This is why Casino Avenue is such a useful site for gamers hungry for some real earthy thrills.

The international gambling hall information site

If you have the urge to take a trip to a solid casino, the site for information on the location of Earthen casinos, we name Casinos Avenue is a good address..

The site is clear, precise and clean to browse to choose your gaming destination without wasting too much time.

The site, in addition to being a comprehensive directory of land-based casinos, even provides information on special offers. For example, a casino with an attached hotel may offer discounts on room prices. Christophe SOREL, the developer of the website also aims to guide the players, but towards circles of games, poker rooms and terrestrial gaming rooms this time. Those who register on the site can also benefit from exclusive promotions at casinos near their home.

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Focus on the founder

Christophe Sorel is used to the world of gambling. Thanks to the fact that he is a regular at Canadian casino table games, he has a handful of lines to his credit. Hendon mob. The fact that he was a member, for a while, of the team Poker Leaders - with Kool Shen (NTM) and their dear departed; Eric Haik - helped a lot. But what has given him a golden industry experience is above all the fact that he is an alumnus ofEurosport Bet. His various roles have served him to gain excellent knowledge of player demand. His lifelong baggage is invaluable, and Casinos Avenue's efficient tool is proof of that..

The Casinos Avenue Focus on Poker

Canadian poker players will be served. The source of information is comprehensive on international poker rooms, with all the information you need on events and tournaments taking place there (registrations, dates, cash games). If you prefer play at the casino, you will find by digging a little descriptions of games, especially the great classics of the casino like the blackjack, with the stakes, the name of the bets, etc. Yet although this real hard-core casino directory is so comprehensive, the emphasis is on the establishments' promotional offers. To avoid spoiling anything, land players are free to exchange ideas and communicate good deals to each other thanks to casino reviews and reviews, coming from former clients

Casinos Avenue, a kind of Newsletter-GPS?

The concept is innovative, its founder himself says. Wherever you are, you can check the online opening hours of casinos that are close to where you live. This could be a bit like 'pre-booking online' itself, since Casinos Avenue communicates to us the discounts and other advantages of a gambling establishment. And many casinos are located in Spa Hotels where we would do a little 'break'.


Undoubtedly, this is a good address to keep in your favorites ’because if you are going on a trip and want to test the specialty of the region in terms of casino, you have just a few clicks

  • access to gambling establishments in your area,
  • to detailed information about each
  • as well as an indication of any promotional offer
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