Deposits and Withdrawals - Which Payment Method?

Buying coupons to be able to make a deposit at the casino has become commonplace. Bankless bank cards such as Revolut ! However, we are still resounding at the idea of ​​divulging our personal information. However, we do not hesitate for a second to withdraw cash from ATMs in land-based casinos. In addition, handing our passport to the hostess has never been a problem for us..

Is it a story of risk or rather of mistrust? To limit the damage, the best is to go and play on an online betting site approved by your local competent authority. The reason is simple: the most reliable gaming operators in your area are the ones who offer the best payment methods. !

Internet security and reliable casinos, our recommendations on the best payment methods are simple. Prefer operators with a local license. In Canada, these are the ARJEL / ANJ sites and in Belgium they operate under a license issued by the Belgian Gaming Commission. In Canada, the law differs from that of Quebec so be careful to inform yourself.

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New online casino payment methods

To make an online deposit, some players choose the facility of bank transfer, but the delays are long and there is a severe lack of anonymity.

So we switched to prepaid cards and electronic wallets like PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. Except that, at the end of 2016 Neteller, Skrill summer Paysafe are withdrawn from the means of withdrawal and deposit on online casinos. This news had (and still does) the effect of an atomic bomb for most Canadian-speaking players. We who had become accustomed to quick withdrawals, immediate availability of funds and most importantly, the fact that transactions were anonymous.

The bank card remains number 1 of the payment methods used at an online casino (by the way, all online casinos accept it) and it must be said that with Visa or MasterCard, we feel safe. However, still many casinos do not accept card withdrawals, especially when it comes to delays and anonymity - we are still not there.

Prepaid cards like Cashlib are more and more popular because transactions via this payment solution leave no trace on our bank statements and the payout times are fast.

The majority of us bet an average of $ 150 per month on online gambling sites. And this number keeps increasing as these sites are more and more compatible on mobile. We therefore not only need to play at a certified casino which will pay us our due on time, and above all a casino which offers us a suitable means of payment..

Irreplaceable Neteller, Skrill and Paysafe?

What these three favorite and popular online payment methods in Canada had more than the others:

  • Anonymity
  • The snapshot
  • Free

These three advantages are found in the use of vouchers (coupon / prepaid ticket). For those who are not yet familiar with the Internet prepaid card (more and more in fashion), the principle is the same as that of the telephone card. We buy a card that has numbers, we enter these numbers before calling and we have cash funds to call.

As PaysafeCard payment is no longer available to Canadian players, CashLib as well as Epro have appeared in online casinos and are now the best alternatives available. Our online casino withdrawal and deposit is done:

  • Anonymous, without leaving a trace
  • Securely (16-digit PIN code, only at partner casinos)
  • In a personalized way (we have full control over the amounts debited)
  • Conveniently and quickly (instant payment, without registration, possibility of combining several Cashlib prepaid cards up to one thousand euros per transaction)

Withdrawal of winnings at an online casino

You have found an online casino that offers you the right payment option ? Take a look at its earnings withdrawal policy before jumping on it.

Not being familiar enough with a withdrawal method, not having confidence in it, or having prejudices about certain options are not the only obstacles. It is also essential to inspect the wagering conditions in order to be able to withdraw. Because if for example we are not fans of payments by bank transfer, do we agree to bet 35 times the initial bet plus the bonus amount before being able to request a withdrawal??

Good to know :  Do not judge too quickly the conditions of withdrawals which do not tell us anything because there are always ways to negotiate with the casino. Judging too quickly can backfire on us, and a wagering for example that we find too strict can hide exceptionally interesting advantages. In general, high wagering means that there are no max withdrawals or prohibited bonus games. Always remember to weigh the pros and cons of a settlement.

It would be a shame to end up ignoring the site without having sought to find an arrangement with customer service or without consulting the opinions of online casino players regarding the best casino conditions. For example, online casinos Croesus, Banzai Slots or Paris Casino are all casinos with no strings attached.

Our Tips and Tricks on Payout of Earnings

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The best online casinos know our constraints

It is quite healthy to have doubts about an online casino, and the most invested and professional know it well. However, it is important to respect their offers and services and especially to appreciate small gestures such as additional bonuses. More and more casinos are complaining that we are constantly on the hunt for bonuses - and we too admit to having abused the blackmail a bit to achieve extra bonuses..

However, let's take a look at the result: we come out a winner at a well-chosen online casino that gets treated well and pays us back. Conversely, we realize that the online casino chooses because it offered us more choice in terms of payment, no longer suits us in its bonus offers (playthrough impossible to perform) and in addition, it suspects us of being a seeker bonus (obviously, with such wagering requirements, our bankroll is often strained).

So beware of scammers casinos and choose a platform for the right reasons so as not to make mistakes. Being overly suspicious can cause us to miss out on the right choice of casino, especially since the most annoying thing is not the limited choice of payment options but rather the conditions for withdrawals.

The preferred means of payment of the Canadian

The electronic wallet is not the preferred payment method for online casino players. Indeed, a global financial study reveals that although we are fans of PaySafe and Neteller casinos, more of us choose online payment by credit card. The second most popular payment method is PayPal with 27% users. Since PayPal is not in Canada, it is CashLib and Epro which are in second position on a European scale.

While all Canadian casinos accept credit card deposits, not all accept this same option for withdrawals. The same goes for the bank transfer which is also popular with Canadian players: The popular online casino Wild sultan offers to cover the costs of a withdrawal by bank transfer, however you cannot make a deposit of money by bank transfer!

Paris Casino and Macau are certainly the Canadian certified online casinos offering the best withdrawal conditions and the fastest to pay us our winnings. Indeed, both are Epro and CashLib casinos, and are therefore accredited and reputed to be reliable. On the other hand, they are not as strong in new features as Wild Sultan, a rare casino to offer two wallets per player account (cash money account and bonus money account).

Make a deposit to your player account

The deposit options of online gambling sites will always be more numerous than those of withdrawals and this is a half-binding fact since, moreover, each type of payment solution is authorized..

Indeed, online casinos are starting to offer at least one payment method for each withdrawal, for example by authorizing withdrawal by transfer (most frequently). We must not forget that online casinos are in the obligation to analyze and monitor transactions to avoid fraud. Some people do not hesitate to block our account while they do some in-depth checks - they have the right and it is even a security measure increasingly used. The anti-fraud law is very often the reason why they impose certain strict conditions on us.

Either way, we have to face the facts: Internet and mobile gaming is a reality that is taking a considerable place in today's society. We do not stop progress, so it is only natural that new forms of online payment are born and others disappear..

It is up to us to give us the best guidance so that our banking information is under optimal and close protection.

Choosing your casino also means approving ALL of its deposit and withdrawal conditions