Do you need a Nickel Account to Play Online ?

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Unless you are satisfied with bank transfers or play online bitcoin, have a payment solution alternative to making a deposit or withdrawal online is always a good idea. One of the most popular among Canadian-speaking players in 2021 is the Nickel online banking account.

The idea behind the creation of Nickel is to provide a payment method that really solves the constraints of the players. And they are not the least, at least for most Canadian-speaking territories.

The Nickel Casino Online sites: for whom ?

Apart from the inability to choose from several payment methods, no anonymity is preserved. As a result, some transactions are refused by the bank. Not to mention that when the transaction is authorized, it takes a minimum of a week to be processed..

Payout of winnings at the online casino

To top it off, there are fewer and fewer sports betting or gaming establishments accepting Nickel account fund transfers. Sometimes you even have to go as far as asking a live chat speaker for exceptional authorization to use an alternative payment method.

Then there are certainly electronic wallets. But the most popular such as Neteller or Upaycard have also become unavailable in certain Canadian-speaking markets. And apart from using the Revolut CB for online payments (which is now also banned on some sites), only thee bitcoin.

Basically, a new anonymous payment solution is more than welcome and that's why we all need a Nickel account. Even if we don't use it often, it can still be used.

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Nickel Reliable Solution for Gamers

For several months now, in the forums dedicated to online casino games, a new payment solution has been getting a lot of attention: the Nickel account. Based on a financial model that wants to be accessible to as many people as possible, this alternative banking service seems to have already won the hearts of many Canadian online players and is well on its way to continuing its breakthrough in the industry..

If, like us a little while ago, you don't really know what a Nickel account is and the benefits of using one to play at an online casino, this in-depth review will shed some light on you. There you will find all the useful information as well as a complete guide to playing at a Nickel Casino.

To put it simply, a Nickel account is a kind of alternative bank account accessible to everyone..

Created in 2014, this financial system is the result of close collaboration between the Financial Electronic Payments (FPE) and the Confederation of Canadian tobacconists. Its main objective is to really allow all those who want it, to be the owner of an account allowing them to carry out their various financial transactions online..

Originally, it was aimed in particular at students, the unemployed, people who are banned from banking, as well as people in over-indebtedness and in precarious financial situations. But since its launch, it has also attracted more and more middle-income employees, as well as the large number of Canadian speakers who play at online casinos. And this is understandable fairly well, given the operating principle of the service which involves almost no costs and very wide accessibility.

Go to the official website, you have all the detailed information.

Conditions for Opening a Nickel Account

To open a Nickel account, all you need to do is visit one of the 4000 Nickel tobacconists in mainland Canada and the overseas departments. The procedure is very fast and allows you to have, after a few minutes, a RIB (Bank Identity Statement) that can be used to issue and receive payments in the SEPA Zone, as well as a Mastercard card to operate in the world. whole.

Note, however, that the Nickel account is not really a regular bank account. As such, it does not give you, for example, the possibility of obtaining an overdraft or a bank loan. This does not, however, prevent it from being very useful for many purposes. The proof is that the service now has nearly 2 million regular users, just a few years after its launch..

You must reside in one of the member countries of the European Union or of the European Anti-Fraud Association (EFTA). The operation is completed in just a few minutes and is carried out ... at any affiliated tobacconist with the Nickel interactive kiosk.

Bring your identity document (national identity card, passport or residence permit). Scan it via the kiosk system, then enter your mobile number and address. This done and validated, you will receive your prepaid Mastercard, as well as two copies of your RIB. The service costs only $ 20 per year for the account.

At this point, you should know that in addition to the classic Mastercard provided at the opening, it is also possible to apply for a Nickel Chrome card. Ideal for foreign currency transactions, the latter generates additional maintenance costs of $ 30.

ATppli Mobile Nickel

It is also possible to open a Nickel Account remotely, without having to go to a tobacconist. To do this, simply download the Nickel mobile app from Playstore (Android) or the AppStore (iPhones and iPads). It is completely free. Once installed, follow the instructions to quickly create the account and activate your virtual prepaid card. The latter's secret code will be sent to your mobile number by SMS.

The Nickel mobile app will then be very useful for the day-to-day management of your Nickel account. Thanks to it, you can, at any time:

  • check your balance;
  • make a payment ;
  • receive payment;
  • request the printing of a new RIB;
  • change the secret code of your prepaid card;
  • locate the nearest licensed tobacconist, etc..

Access to the app on your mobile is completely secure. Each time, you must provide a 10-digit identifier on the back of the card and a 5-digit secret code. For optimal use of the app, be sure to perform updates.

Fund your Nickel Account

There are three main options available to you to fund your Nickel Account:

At your Nickel tobacconist

As when opening your account, you can visit a partner tobacconist. This is the classic solution for making a Nickel deposit into your account. Take your prepaid card and proceed as in any branch.

Once the operation is complete, the tobacconist will issue you a ticket which serves as physical proof of the transaction. Note that transaction fees are charged.

They are 2% of the amount deposited. So take this into account during the operation. Note, however, that these fees do not apply to the very first deposit. Another important info: a deposit limit is set per transaction and per month. Thus, you are not allowed to deposit more than $ 250 at one time and the cumulative amount of your deposits must not exceed $ 950 per month.

Wire Transfer

If you want to proceed faster, you can use the balance in another bank account to fund your Nickel account. To do this, simply log into your customer area, then go to "Manage your transfers" and "Make a transfer".

Via a bank card

To operate in this way, log into your Nickel customer area on PC with your credentials. Then go to the "You can do everything" section, then to "Top up your account by credit card". Then follow the various instructions to finalize the transaction. Note here that not all bank cards are accepted by the service. So make sure that yours is among those authorized before initiating the operation.

Deposit Nickel

As we mentioned above, the Nickel account works (in many ways) like a regular bank account. Without the banker that comes with it.

In addition, it is associated with a MasterCard. This is a big part of its popularity, and the fact that it can be used at many online betting sites, including casinos. On these, you can make a Nickel deposit using your prepaid card.

How it works :

The balance available on your Nickel card can indeed be used to fund your player account..

To do this, you just have to select the "bank cards" option on the site and then proceed as usual by providing your name, the card number, its expiry date, as well as the visual cryptogram to three digits on the back of the card.

Normally, your deposit is taken into account automatically.

Rwould be Nickel

Not all gaming sites accept to pay winnings via Nickel. Unfortunately, in some Canadian-speaking territories changes of payment provider are frequent and this leads to the refusal of certain options, and among them there is Nickel.

Until recently, all online casinos accepted Nickel withdrawal. To do this, all you had to do was transfer the funds to your Nickel account and then select the method of bank transfer on your Nickel Casino. The procedure is the same as for the bank transfer. You provide the requested information (RIB and identifiers) and validate the request. You should normally receive your money within a few days, depending on the casino's withdrawal policy..

That being said, it's entirely possible that a site will allow it without posting it openly. It is therefore possible to make withdrawals from a nickel account if authorization is obtained from the site in question. Indeed, customer service is often flexible in terms of alternative payment methods. An exception can therefore be made.

If your online casino tells you that it no longer accepts Nickel for payments, unless you obtain an exceptional authorization, withdraw your winnings directly by Nickel card at the cash dispenser. There are fees and limits, but at least you have an alternative.

5 good reasons to use my Nickel Account 

If the Nickel account has gained so many followers among online casino players, it is because it has a number of advantages in its day-to-day use. Here are 5:

Ease of use

Primarily aimed at a target that is not really comfortable with the usual banking hassles, the Nickel account relies heavily on the simplicity of its service. No need for long steps to open an account, to make a deposit or a withdrawal. The Nickel mobile app is also designed for this purpose.

The speed of transactions

If you play at a Nickel Casino, you can request a withdrawal to your Nickel account and receive payment between 24 and 48 hours after validation from the casino. You save on average one or two days compared to a traditional bank account.

Almost non-existent operating costs

Nickel aims to be a solution accessible to all and is therefore much less expensive than a bank account. There are no monthly account maintenance fees and transaction fees are either non-existent or minimal.

Anonymous and secure transactions

The confidentiality of all your transactions is guaranteed with this payment system. Unlike your traditional bank accounts which are scrutinized at will by your banker, your Nickel account and the transactions you carry out remain confidential. If you play online with your account, no one will come and blame you for this..

A safeguard against debt

The limits imposed on the amounts of transactions that you can carry out with a Nickel account are initially intended to avoid over-indebtedness. For online players, = it is an effective safeguard against gambling debt risks.

Nickel Reviews Canadian-Speaking Players

Having a Nickel account is a guarantee of security for many players. How safe is it to play at online casinos with your Nickel account ?

This financial service has all the necessary approvals to operate in complete security. In particular, it is approved by the ACPR and operates in accordance with the requirements of the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism..

To avoid spoiling anything, limits on the amount and number of withdrawals are imposed on users. This is comparable to game moderators, and therefore encourages compliance with the Responsible Gaming. Consequently, a transfer received on a Nickel account always implies a certain respect for the rules. A real guarantee of quality !

As long as you're playing at a secure Nickel casino, you don't have to worry about it. To this end, we encourage you to read our casino reviews oriented Canadian-speaking players before choosing the site on which to play.

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